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Kenya’s public debt as a percentage of GPD is 55 per cent, way below that of many developed countries.
In fact, we are 62nd. Japan’s is the highest at 250.40 per cent with the United States and the United Kingdom at 105.40 per cent and 89.30 per cent, respectively.
So hawa critics wa government na hamjasomea accounting you should sharrup!!

teach them teacher

Don’t burst their bubble!

Shida yao ni because they understand English words like ‘debt’ and ‘borrowing’ , they automatically think it correlates to them knowing a lot about Economics and Maths .

What about US AND JAPANs investment in countries where they borrow like china. Ama ujinga yenu ni kucompare numbers tu? Eti accountants… Hamjajua kujipanguza matako.

@Okwonkwo amelala. Mkymbushe kesho so that he stops crying over a cast vote… :D:D:D

So according to you we’re just fine right? You’ve read about Greece and Argentina? Yours is a shallow statement. You’re dealing with developed countries who have global leverage and productive industries. Majority of those nations have high hdi’s.

Compare us to our peers then you can have something to yap about. Very quick to say oh US and UK are in bad shape financially yet they support several military and police programs with their money in Kenya and globally. We depend on malaria and hiv money from them. They can afford to give their citizens a decent life and and enabling livelihood.

Don’t say things you don’t know. And when you’re comparing, do actual maths.

Niko hapa. Hata nimekosa usingizi juu ya kufikiria hii maneno sana.

When or where did you see IMF holding Japan by the balls?

When or where did you see Kenya funding projects in Japan?

We are comparing ourselves with Japan yet we are begging IMF for $1.5b to shore up our dollar reserves. And they are more than happy to help on their own terms.

Actually, he’s very right. You are comparing economic aspects which by rule (read definition) are incompatible. When you then mix it up with hyperbole, you sound like a mwenda.

Outstanding debt in whichever measure, fluctuates, sometimes drastically, from year to year. Productivity however, is a long term measure - meaning that investments this year will not be realized until 5+ years from now. So if you look at expenditures this year vs current GDP, you are either playing political games or are economically ignorant and should hush. It is ok to do comparisons as long as you know what you are doing and are humble enough to be corrected. Using edifying language only works when you are supremely confident that your audience will be whitewashed.

Parting shot; mathematics is a pure science; economics fall under social sciences.

So you think the yard stick for developed countries and emerging countries is the same. Really? Rudi shule kijana.

Hapo juu ref: should be edited kidogo.cant

So we are OK because others’ debt is bigger than ours? Just like the critics you are criticizing, you explained NOTHING.

Since umesomea accounting… explain to me why we are not in as bad shape as they (the GOK critics) say we are without comparing us to other countries?


  1. First understand WHAT you are comparing (concepts - key)

  2. Understand the circumstances (someone riding a bycycle is not NECESSARILY comparable to someone riding a Porshe Cayenne)

  3. Stage in economic development dictates that you cannot compare toddlers with octogenarians.

Think about it minus political leanings.

You can never compare the borrowings of a developed country and that of a third world country.

Japan and USA have the capacity to repay their debts. More so, they have a significant bargaining power such that they can easily trade off the loans. its like a rich man with 100m loan and a poor man with 500k loan.
Very soon we will be forced to pay very high fuel prices because of the IMF agreement shit. We are basically beggars.

I will soon attach a video confession of an economic hitman. They are willing giving us loans because they know we recently discovered some oil. Soon, they will come repay their loan with our oil and other resources.

The fact remains we are borrowing to repay debts and engage in development activities that will not impact the economy directly. The SGR will benefit a very small section of the population. The business people who import and export, and be sure the benefits will not trickle down. Hio hype ya 4 hours to mombasa is just there to console the peasants.

Well laid fellow . Comparing kenya and Britain/usa/japan debt is like comparing queen Elizabeth’s toilet and @Nattydread pit latrine .Both takes away shit but one has huge flies hovering around and the other doesn’t . Same as debt. (Replace flies with corrupt,greedy and cartels) and you will understand .

Now lets get it clearly, is GDP and accounting or economic term? You are overloading accounting with terms it cannot support.


Im on it .haiko kwa youtube?

statistical hyperbole everywhere…i am off to build the nation…

Atsi! If GDP isn’t an accounting term, what is it?