A mosa deh sex tips

Aje aje wazito… id like to teach you old dogs some new sex trick… 1. Firstly before you start sex demand to see that hole kwanza 2. Before you think about anything give the pussy an eye for about 7 mins none stop 3. Before you insert that dick make sure you have played with the clits the dingling game until she cums 4. At this stage insert your dick half way yaani kichwa tu then chezea hapo until she is spreads those legs your way 5. Now you can hit it all in… she will never leave you and thank me later… A mosa deh

Ahsante mzito…I will implement these tips.
Once again, thanks.

@Mosa, si ulisema no sex until you clear primary school?:rolleyes:


Bang it my niggar

staring pussy for 7 minutes? exams gani unaendea you’re cramming parts and features???

Change of mind


Thats preparing your mind psycologically… lazima ijue kenye inaface sio kuskia tu iko ndani


How do i download this crap

right click the gif and save it as image if you’re on mobile. if you’re on desktop just right click then save with extension .gif (no need it’ll automatically save)

Got it thanks


Bingwa unasumbua!

Give us a tutorial for mcoondu sex

Kuma-anisha ur dick is 2inches long?! :eek: unafaa kuitwa Mosa deh Dickhead! :smiley:

Mbele iko sawa, nyuma je,??

This is the basic introduction to sexology villager. Give tips, not taking us back to kindergarten.

Lazima pia nyuma ifanyiwe confirmation