a middle level college with quality facilities.

I need some inputs on the best polytechnic that offers diploma in electrical engineering or telecommunication engineering and which option has more opportunities between the two mentioned courses. any other related causes can also be helpful.

Technical university of kenya…

GArissa university

ditch that and do programming


Zetech college has everything under one roof

A good college with facilities?. Well what i will advise you is to find a college with good internet that means one that is connected to the KENET network and then find yourself a good laptop on that will hold charge and be a friend of youtube and google university, for truth you will have to do alot of reading for yourself, what you should also do is become friendly to those low level technicians they will often grant you extra lab time and even show you the inner workings of everything. And you should be curious and be ready to experiment.

Railways Technical Institute

Kenya Technical Trainers College. KTTC