A Man Will Always Be a King!

I usually see naive fellows saying that a woman does not need a man in this life. However, such assertions can only be taken by foolish feminists who do not know how the world works. Just yesterday, there is a single mom neighbor with two kids - a girl first born, and a boy. Every time she comes home, you will realize that he is struggling to instill discipline in the kids because she always finds the house messed up. Her shouting goes unheard as the kids will repeat the same thing the following day. Yesterday, she almost lost her mind when she arrived to find that the small boy had attempted to stab the sister using a knife. The sister sustained a cut on the finger. The single mom didn’t even have the strength to discipline the kid because she was so scared. Actually, he called a male colleague to come and handle the matter. That’s when I realized that a man will always be a king. Even if a woman is financially stable, she needs a man in her life. If that family had a man, the children could not be behaving in such a manner. That’s a real-life example that having a father or a father figure in a child’s life is crucial.

In short unasema all settlers wako embobut na karura forest wakuwe evicted and take up their roles

Naeza taka kukuingia Mkia


ii umama yote unatuletea hapa tufanye nini nayo badala ungekuwa tu community omuhusband usaidie singo matha ufaidike na kuma

Recent headlines have been so bad you’re not even bothering with the usual “Hahaaaa! This was the plan all along!” bullshit.

Umelalia masikio. That is a grand opportunity kupata kuma as you better the community. Uko na number ya huyo single.mother unirushie?

hehehe, Yes no. iko

Wacha kuchekacheka kama malaya. Sii nimesema unirushie.

funda. utaezana ama utahaibisha kijiji

Usiachiwe mzigo man ati unacheza knight. Hata kuku iko na akili saidiii



Jogoo ilijitoa mapema bana like, well, this is where I leave

:smiley: ati haiwezi ingilia vita za wanawake :smiley:

If all singo mathas wakirudi marriage nani atatupea mkia? Very easy to give

its upon all non-homosexual men to instill discipline on any random rogue MALE child in your surroundings . mimi kama nyumba kumi afisaa , singo madhas kwa mtaa huwa nawa visit kusaidia in discipline of their kids

Unataka kutumbukiza mbolo kwa mabakshish ya ndume zingine mbwa hii?

What business do you have with what a man does with his penis?

Enda utombe mbuzi na kondoo basi