A lot of money between the legs


I doubt that.

The real money is in pimping prostitutes, not actual prostitution. Have 20 hot hoes working for you and take 50% of their money.

The main beneficiary is normally the brothel owner, bar owner, hotel owner etc. The hoes just make average income to survive, generally.

P#ssy is one of the most abundant commodities on earth and it is not even a basic need. That means men can avoid buying it during tough times. There is no way many women made life-changing money from prostitution. It is literally an economic impossibility.

Sure, even today, a few women make serious money from it but generally, prostitution does not have supernormal profits. For example, a few years ago hoes made some serious cash on onlyfans, livejasmin, and chaturbate. Back then there was more demand than supply for online hoes in a nascent industry. Now, that industry is flooded because p#ssy is not a rare commodity. Today, only the top 1% onlyfans models make $6000 per month or more globally. Ukumbuke median household income in U.S. is about $70k. So, only 1% of the onlyfans hoes globally earn enough to afford an average life in a first world country. That means a woman living in a first world country doing onlyfans is most likely a peasant huko on a balance of probabilities.

Prostitution is for peasant women.

If you want to make serious money from prostitution, OWN the infrastructure and view hoes as business assets.

Madams are pimps

This has just reminded me of a certain hoe alipostiwa hapa I think last year. Her IG was pastered by pics in high end hotels, champagnes on the jet and exotic destinations. Sio Dubai, SA and other places. IG yake clearly showed she lived the best of life ever, except that the talker who posted about her alisema alimpata Tagged akiuza 2k.

Fake chieth. The pimps ndio walikua birrionaires

It works hata kwa mapoko wa kawaida. @cortedivoire akiingia pale Sabina Joy atatumia at least 1k on drinks, maybe 1k on lodging halafu alipe kunguru 150 bob. Huyo poko hawezi pandisha bei hata akitaka juu there are 50 other women in that brothel who will gladly take that offer. The owner of that brothel doesn’t care which hoe got @cortedivoire 's peanuts because he gets paid anyway.

P%ssy is subject to market forces and women don’t dictate the price.


@cortedivoire disagrees. Hakuna venye 150 inaweza saidia namna hii.

Naona villagers wanajua the economics of prostitution i.e whoreconomics.


Have you ever been a pimp before? Your description of the prostitution business is that of a veteran. You cant just have info like that yet you are a commoner.

In sexoeconomics and other bullshit

The ghaseeer spends time researching stupidity in his bedshitter . If he used his time and mind well he would have been somebody


Hail the power of Chinese phones with cameras. Msee usipochunga unaweza commit suicide ukifikiria maisha yako yameenda sege mnege kumbe ni msee tuu anakuchocha na Chinese camera and free WiFi. Kuna ngamia kutoka ushago kwetu who works in a garage specialising in European masins. He has formed this habit customer akiwacha gari akienda road teat after repairs picha lazima. Jamaa anawakunywanga na straw for the simple reason that his social media pages are plastered with photos in or around serious masins. Madem wakiona picha zake kwa mtandao wanachukua pole position to share in his “wealth”. Ole wao. Wengi hugundua it is a ruse late in the day.

Cut the boy some slack. Hia analysis is spot on and apeaks of aomeone who has a degree. Wewe tangu nikujue comment zako hazijawahi pita three sentences of which mbili lazima ziwe matusi. Ni kama your brain gets fried anytime you have to read a paragraph of more than 5 sentences. Unatakanga uletewe kapicha na sentense moja hapo chini explaining the photo.

Huskii Andrew Tate likua anafanya zile cam business na uyo mzae was subscribed to his course

The thing is she had indeed gone to those places lived the best of life and everything but it turns out zile doo alipata from izo adventures zilienda as they came.

Kuna watu wakiangukia wanaonanga ni kama hao ndio the real deal na wenye hawana ni wajinga ndio maana hawana. Ukawambia kila kitu kina mwisho wanaweza Cheka wakadedi. Hio ndio pia inakuwanga shida na most politicians. Wakiingia wanaonanga ni kama miaka tano ni eternity.

Tate had a course and talked about it in his videos it’s called PHD…Pimping Hoes Degree