A looting Nation

HUNGRY & DESPERATE Kenyans steal cooking oil from a crashed truck on the highway while driver lay injured and unconscious in his seat.

And then if the owner doesn’t give any chills,cops go land in that area at midnight…watu watatoa mafuta yote hata ile haikuwa ya kuibiwa…

There was a time a KBL somersaulted near my home huko macoundies… We looted faster that thatbprof was looting. Ngoja usiku ifike…fombe yote ile haikuwa already drunk or sold ilipatikana. Two villages were drunk…from akoho and police punches

This is how loot all atavamia loans za Big 4!!!

ata private motorists and other truckers wameloot pia, so sad

Sorry 4 that.mm ulisema zile gari za gava zinauzwa mangapi

Somebody mentioned 3.5M for Toyota landcruzer.

refer to this post

What???acha ikae

The funniest was a woman who had carried 2 mtungis zikamshinda kubeba, alafu mwingine anafungua behind his truck speedy - aki Kenyans ni Mungu tuu atatusaidi, the incoming EACC boss better watch this aone scope of what he is supposed to end.

Don’t trust that figure just because someone says so. I would pick up the phone and call Toyota and ask.

Na ni clearance?

@Meria Mata knows more on this.

Clearance sales shouldnt be that high labda less mileage

Fact is, currently running a business in Kenya is a big headache.
Everyone you are dealing with is out to shaft you.
Contractors, the whole hog.

Do i really have to say anything at this point?