A life hack on how a peasant can survive with safaricom

Peasants leteni masikio hapa niwasaidie
When you have no airtime, but you qualify for an Okoa Jahazi loan, go for the highest offer. For instance, do not borrow sh20 when you still qualify for sh250. Interest rate is the same, and both values to peasant appear to be equally a burden during repaying. But the fact is, you’ll enjoy more with the bigger value more than the smaller one.
Now the airtime is valid for three days only, after which they’ll use the unused portion to recover your debt. To increase valid of the borrowed airtime, you need to convert it to either talk time, Internet data bundles or sms bundles. For instance you can purchase a 1500 sms bundle for sh100, valid for 30 days. You can also purchase 200mb Internet data for sh99, with 7 - day validity.

After you’ve completely depleted your borrowed airtime, it’s still too early bother about repaying. Being a peasant during this smartphone era, all you need is a few Meagabites Internet data, and sms bundles. You don’t need to call daily. Whoever, misses your voice, let them call. Don’t top up directly when you do have enough money to repay your loan. Instead, top up a friend’s phone, and from there, buy either texts or Internet data bundles. For the weekly option, a 400 sms bundle costs sh30, while for Internet data normal charges will apply. Now, you can still send messages and surf.

As a peasant, I presume that your Storo Bonus is not very high. If you’re required to spend anything above sh60 to earn the bonus, that’s not for a peasant. Simply deactivate from the plan and reactivate later, your target will be lowered, say to between sh20 and sh40. So now how do you get to call your friends while still having that Okoa Jahazi debt? Anything that you buy from your friend’s phone accounts in your daily expenditure. So, if your target is sh40 you can simply purchase a sh30 sms bundle and sh10 Internet data from friend’s phone, and there you’ll be awarded your sh40 Storo Bonus . They don’t use this to recover your airtime loan. Use this to call your friends. But, you can still increase the utility of this to double your talk time through the *444# Tunukiwa plan. Alternatively, call at night from 10pm to enjoy half normal call rates.
Clearly, you can even take a whole year or longer to repay your loan, while enjoying all their services.
If you borrowed a bigger amount like sh1000 airtime or anything from sh500, use an M-Shwari loan to pay them.
If it’s a small debt, you can repay through the Lipa Modogo Modogo Shait

  1. Alternatively
    That [I] Okoa Jahazi [I] airtime can still be exchanged for Mexican unga for a peasant. Simply, get the loan, buy a friend 200mb Internet which Safaricom sells at sh99. Sell it at the same price, and this translates to 1packet Mexican flour and sh9 change. Suppose you borrowed sh250 airtime or more, then you got at least 4kg of the flour and enough change for your pocket.

Not flour or food alone, use the same formula to pay for other bills.[/I][/I]

  1. For those having (girl)friends you can’t trust
    Assume you wanna buy her some airtime then she claims to have some Okoa Jahazi debt that you’re not ready to clear. Simply attempt purchasing her some Internet data via M-pesa. Here Safaricom requires that you clear her Okoa Jahazi debt as you purchase her the data. So they’ll charge you a total of whatever she owes to safaricom and the amount of data you intended to buy her. Cancel the request after noting the amount she owes. You’ve now known whether she lied or not.

he he. hii ni peasantry for dummies

You really have this down to a science, don’t you? But the last part…

Hii sakafu kilo nne nitafanyia nini?!

Hii Upeasantry nasidi yawa…pthoo!!!

Mzae mi hukuaga na shida ya mecho… Blame it on the keyboard autocorrect

am using the same strategy.

Congratulations peasant

But i have noted if you want to bjy bundles for another person na ako na deni ya okoa jahazi utapata you are the one charged. Kama alikua na okoa jahazi ya 50 bob na you want to buy bundles za 250 shillings utaona umekatwa 300 bob

Not really… If only you buying via mpesa… Note that

If you buy data via mpesa you incur mpesa charges.

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ulipata mteja wa tablet?

I didn’t know that. Kumbe nimekua nanyonywa kwasababu ya kutumia mpesa

Peasants don’t buy data via M-pesa.

Read the last part in blue you see how to apply that

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