A kunguru almost takes me to an early grave

Several years ago, when i was still a green pu**y hunter with the libido of a bull, niliingia pale modern green club kutafuta kunguru, was on a Monday and could not wait for my gf who was to come over the weekend.

After ordering a bottle of water, my eyes started wondering around looking for some suitable lay.My eyes finally landed on a chocolate looking lady,with a great ass and a cute innocent face that turned me on like a switch…After some brief talk we got a room and got ready for business…

The lady was a generous giver, she asked what style i wanted, nikasema we start with the usual then we change, the kunguru spread her legs and after some thrusting alikunja miguu to her chest, she was a bit dry but ile dry-spell nilikuwa nayo haingeskia.

After some few minutes things started getting wet and smoother, i felt some heat glow inside me, the lady was now very wet and she held me tighter and genuinely moaning…hata nikajisahau for some time…

Then i unleashed my load, alaas, after withdrawing KUMBE THE CD HAD BURST, no wonder it felt so sweet,…i was a bit sexually naive those days no wonder i didn’t notice.
The lady panicked, trying to wash the sperms from her pu**y , she told me she was negative and that she takes a test every month…as if i was supposed to believe that shit…

After some cleaning-up i went to my house in panic mode, and went straight to google, i found out about PEP and that i could get some at KNH, i woke up the following morning at 4am, the journey from Kasarani to KNH seemed like ages, i finally got there and was given ARV after a test , and a long whole day process at the HIV care center.

Let me say those ARVs fucked me up, the side effects were terrible, swelling on the face, fever , loss of appetite, was feeling like i had malaria and typhoid combined…i had to take a week from work, i almost got sacked…

All those days i avoided people who knew me, coz i just looked sick, after a week i felt i could not take it anymore i went to a clinic at Ruiru and after explaining to the doc she gave me some tiny red pills that made me feel better…

I was to go for the tablets for the remaining 2 weeks from KNH, but nikaamua mbaya mbaya, i didn’t…

Finally after that month i gained some confidence to go get tested, found that was still -ve…

Wadau wa KTalk, hata mkiona nikipeana hekaya za makunguru hapa, i am as careful as a neuro-surgeon when fucking these bitches…it takes one mistake…
Hizo dawa sijawahi sahau vile zilikuwa zinakaa, they were bigger than njugu, upto today i get chills when i remember swallowing those chemicals

After such a scare you still continue sleeping with hoes? If that’s not stupid i don’t know what is.

Funny thing is, you didn’t learn from that experience na bado unakula maraya. God knows ive never tasted those bishes, i fear even skin contacts wacha coomer yenyewe.


Now get a wife son! Kunguru ni addictive kushinda Cocaine.

@eddy mahelo I hereby nominate you to the position of Chief Administration Secretary in the Ministry of Prostitutes and Sexual Affairs.

Yangu happened during campo days. I was hanging a lot with an older cuzo who was making big bucks. Kila Friday I’d hook him up with a lady from our uni then Sato we’d go dunda elsewhere.
So this day tukiwa Westy we got a crew of like 5 ladies. As the night went on wakaanza kukatiwa sisi tukarukia wawili and got successful.
Fast forward to the CD bursting and realizing only after finishing. Chiq freaked kiasi but akasema she’ll get contraceptives.
The next week when talking na cuzo he told me he’d gotten a 3rd chiq’s no… She was saying the chiqs tulifunga both are HIV+.
Cuzo had used rubber so alikuwa sawa. Me ni wasiwasi ilinikumba noma. Tested over and over… Figured ni uwivu tu coz they were overlooked.
That was in 2010… All good :slight_smile:

:D:D:D, pole Bana, Those tablets especially za after the second week, the blue ones, they would make diarrhoea like a newborn njau.it made me very careful after 10 thrusts I check on the CD until I cum.

Full hekaya inspol

ha ha those things are moto moto bana

i know ulianza sweating and fever immediately


Haha I approve kwa hii maneno ya kunguru @Starscream = Matiang’i @eddy mahelo = Kibicho … Hizi jamaa mbili zinajua shimo zote za malaya hii town

Lazima tutombe malaya liwe liwalo

aki some comments at I hata skin contact

Sema “death of a cockroach” a.k.a kifo cha mende:D:D:D

is it just me…how can you not feel the cd burst.yangu iliburst momo ilijithrust hukoo na mimi kule nyumaaa…while looking for Tp nikajiconsole ata ka anayo hazikuwa rada aka smile nikajua amereason the same way na tukaendelea na session

CD ikiburst mtu anafaa aoshe josto na maji baridi na jik. The virus doesn’t like cold things

mimi nilimeza,kichwa ilikuwa inauma mpaka saa saba ya usiku. kutetemeka nayo. niliacha kumeza day 2.

aka missionary postion