A Kisii lady will never hook you up with her hot friend – SILAS NYACHWANI

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 – According to Silas Nyanchwani, a Kisii girl will never hook up a man with her hot friend.

Taking to his Facebook page, Nyachwani narrated how he recently reached out to his ex-lover, who is now happily married, and asked her to hook him up with her beautiful friend.

She reportedly went berserk and insulted him badly before blocking him.

This is what he wrote on his Facebook page.

“A Kisii girl will never hook you up with her hot friend, hata akiwa single aje.

“She will either evade you, unnecessarily aaribie beste yake jina to discourage you.

“Very malicious. She would rather die than see you happy with her friend. Even when you are compatible.

I recently asked an ex, who has since been married(happily I must add) to hook me up with her very hot friend and man, did she rant about it?

“She insulted me in mother tongue(very hard expletives I last heard in September 1999) before she blocked me here.


Patco is going to wank to this

wakisii ni watu wa wivu na uchawi. Why waste time hanging around them if you don’t have to?

I have never had any luck with Abagusi ladies, all goes well until they hear am a pure blood from the steep terrain of Mlima Kenya.

Jamaa hana skills…

Hehe si wote am kisii myself na hizo story ni alien to me

Don’t insult my cousins I had a beatiful kisii girl once but was very clingy too

Wakenya na ukabila it’s quite clear amenyimwa number cause they have issues. Instead he goes on a rant about Kisiis. Hadi unashangaa uhusiano imetoka wapi. Ata ingekuwa mzungu bado angemnyima number.

Ndio walikuroga hauna akili hadi saii ukiwa 60years ?

I highly suspect so. Watu wachawi wachaaawiiii. All their neighbours are trying to take them down. Ni uchawi imewaokolea na kutoa tunyanya kafara

on your free time start hanging your local SDA church …utakula uwashibe hadi watokee puana …the easiest lay those ones

Iko single mother mimi hukula who was fond of posting night outs with her friends pale green app. Niliambia yeye napenda sana hao marafiki wake na waniite ninunue pombe siku moja! Matusi yaliyofuata jameni, and thats how she stopped posting her married besties…

this is actually quite true

I had a female kisii acquaintance in campus and she never allowed me to know her friends, always giving me the silly excuse “ati oooh they are my friends sitaki wakue heartbroken”. Nyef Nyef who said anything about a heatbreak, I just wanna fuck, nut and go.

From my experience the best wingwomen are Kaos, kyuks and meru. Hao watakuintroduce kwa kila mtu wanajua, even their blood sisters :D:D

I will never set foot near that cult known as SDA hataka kama niko dryspell aje i better eat River road lanyes.

hehe ok…anyway I remember reading an article by the late Philip Ochieng describing SDA church as a North American cult founded by one Ellen G White

@Condor wwe

Wakisii na Wakikuyu si wanakung’utana sana huko Nakuru county, na hapo Kawangware pia.


kisii women love me always. shida ni wako overpossessive

Shimo mbaya ni ya Nyoka