A Kenyan Truck Driver's Dream - Road Trains.

@Meria Mata leta ile munyama unaendeshanga hapa… Or forever hold ya peace


If the gods ever decide to hear you,they should let you,at the very least,sit in the cabin of that truck. I should ask that prophet,the one who got dreadlocks for a beard,to prophesy that. For you.

Amen my brother, amen

Swali ni, are our roads ready for road trains, tafuta documentary ya Australian road trains uone zile barabara wanapitia

Boss hata usiseme. The got straight flat roads. That have little or no traffic… Seen one road train,160 feet long. Na dere ni wahed.

Damn, would love to draft behind that on Checki Maneno!!!

Damn…hapa hakuna ku-overtake bila mpango

Alafu Kuna swala la our very impatient drivers who think giving way is a crime, on our roundabouts a landtrain itapita na Gari kaa fayfteen

I can… I bought ets. Euro truck simulator… With the shifting gear, pedals and a steering wheel…

So many tyres. Napenda sanaa

na yote imebeba flammable liquid, @Meria Mata usikubali kujibebea kaburi

one of the local big boys has 4 which are bigger than that one, capable of hauling 240 tonnes , 116 tyres, consumes 2 liters per KM, each axle turns independently, has assisted braking system at the rear like trains

@Meria Mata , hebu tusafishe mecho with those machines



ukweli ama pang’ang’a

[ATTACH=full]113593[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]113594[/ATTACH]
hii nini na inapelekwa wapi?

Interesting ride




Hehehe @snapdragon kuna zingine hazibebi kaburi. Other that carry mineral ore and stuff like that. Click hizo video zingine uone maajabu



Its true, also have veins showing in my legs after a long hard ride, though not to that extent