A Kenyan MGTOW software engineer brags on Reddit. Kenyan ladies flood his inbox

[SIZE=7]What do you do for a living and how much do you earn? (kenyan reddit)[/SIZE]


kazi tamu banae

wacha nikue @Sambamba leo niseme ni kama namujua
kuna jamaa ako na kazi kama hio, ako na 30acres kitale

nyumba alikuwa akijenga day and night na shift workers akamaliza na 7 months

Kenyans ni waonge tupu. Utapata ni high school niggah kinabrag hapo na inadepend kwa buda na madhake videadly

@Gio type of people

That indeed is a huge flex. Tech ni tamu sana, I work remotely too managing extra consultancy software gigs too on the side. Sijafika hio level yake but will definitely shoot for that.

My goal ni kutafuta remote gig in a European or American company that is primarily software based(these value developers highly) and work remotely. GitHub and Gitlab for example have a range of 60,000 usd anually for EMEA region and they are remote first.

Next add other gigs but as a contractor(I have done these that run for around 2-5 months hivi), if you are specialized e.g Android, DevOps, Databases, Distributed/Microservices architecture, Scaling, Building Data pipelines,etc unaweza negotiate a decent payout easily especially with startups. Just don’t be their employee, only maintain a single employment at a time.

Even local startups nowadays are loaded with VC money and with this strategy the cumulative can easily be around or over 800k pm without necessarily being the seniors with “10 years of experience”.

Highschooler mgani anajua you have to grind leetcode to pass FAANG software developer interviews?

Developers huku nje earn some good money, some publicly share others wako chini ya maji. See this thread; these dudes ni Kenyan software developers with around 5/6 years of experience. But the key is don’t settle for one job.


Wewe umetengeneza ngapi? ama ya watu tu ndo unaongelea?

MGTOW wanapenda hizi comeuppance posts.

Najua hautaki kubeleive pesa iko in software development ama tech in general. My main job base ni 140k, started last year. I do have extra gigs running though, time I accepted the offer I did not drop my freelance clients and projects, zote zinaenda in parallel.

Last month my total net ilikua 180, December was almost 200. Siko ligi yao bado. I graduated Dec 2019 but had started working May that year earning 30k kama intern. I have seen hio target ya mita ni very possible in less than or around 5 years.

I do overwork myself at times but I come from relatively poor home and do know how poverty stings harder than being exhausted.

Which applications do you develop? Ama you do w3b, desktop and mobile apps? Which tools do you develop in? Who hires you?

Hehe, hawa Kenyans wa Reddit hunibamba vile wao hu-adopt the general lingo of that site. Kukutana na kiswahili ama sheng kwa hizo thread huwa nadra sana mpaka unashuku kama kweli ni Kenyans :D:D:D. Heneway, software developers are in very high demand. Some of them actually post “I’M NOT LOOKING FOR WORK” on their LinkedIn profiles because they’re being mercilessly harassed by potential employers.

99% web backend development. Also mainly in Python but I’ve dabbled in Ruby, Perl and PHP.

Kazi mostly ni building REST APIs, automating web processes, web scraping na building data pipelines.

Most of my side gigs ni from repeating clients. Example from Upwork I bid a simple project ya 400 usd for scraping vacancies got it and delivered. Afterwards they invited me to another gig for creating an automated data pipeline for the same scrapers I did. Delivered on that, they were impressed and gave me a 4 month contract to build a REST API for serving the same data.

Most of my repeating clients ni wazungu, European especially. I have only worked with one African client from Nigeria. All from upwork

Are you a webdev?

Meanwhile, I hustle one coin at a time like everyone else. Hustle from the womb to the tomb. I think hizi incomes za 1M+ are worth being employed. How many business owners make 1M? Very few.

Yaani umecombine data engineering na DEVOPs

Ulifanya bsc in computer science?

Yeah. Ata data engineering sikua najua before accepting that gig, just learnt on the go


Asante… Your sharing is one of the most mature responses we have in this Kijiji and will help a few talkers… I will create an account on Upwork and see what kind of assignments they have… Not so much into development nowadays but can learn all quickly before asking for work… I will do an intensive python development course… PHP, Javascript, Java and databases not hard for me… I want to earn some US Dollars… All my I come has been in KES but this is being eaten by depreciation… I think there are leads here for someone to learn Python fast and I will…

Hii yako I believe lakini hao wa reddit seem like they are lying. A 30 year old making 1.3m per month but still in Kenya na sio majuu seems like cap.