A House of Cards

When Cytonn falls, real estate in Kenya will com crashing. They have a debt of 86% Capital. Lakini najua ni cooked, they are zero and Mugendi atajua hajui. Walikosea ile siku waliinfia hii bubble ya shamba. Saa hii wamekopa wakajenga na hakuna mtu anadai mali. In two years, we will qll be owning mansions juu zitakuwa cheaper than bei ya probox[ATTACH=full]207555[/ATTACH]

People are talking about this thing all over the internet. How will it come in to help us peasants finally? Cheap houses? Cheap land? How priss?

The language. Of the GCR. You should start by explaining it. We are peasants you know… @Micymas

Was reading cynton’s financial statements and was concerned that their income statement is massively shored up by revaluation gains. I found that strange since their cash flow statement wasn’t published. @Okiya hapa kunaenda aje?

speak for urself

Nyakundi aliwaambia kitaambo cytonn ni wakora tupu

Personally I don’t agree with them.