A Heartfelt Soliloquy

My right hand was holding her little curved waist in the black trouser. The other hand was holding our suitcase.
We were preparing ourselves for the long ride in the SGR.
We stood closer for a picture to make memories.

There were no bodyguards. There were no aides. Just a second-term governor, and her little beautiful love.
The Love was holding a red handbag that matched her blouse. She covered herself with a long black jacket.
I was in a light-dark blue trouser, a blue jacket and a light blue shirt. I stood straight to protect my man frame. She was in high heels briefly resting on chest for the photo.
Our eyes were on the same level focused on the lanes. I could feel her heartbeat. I could feel her warm sweat breath. Everyone stared at us. Everyone adored us.

“Choo, choo” the train gradually arrived.
We both looked high in spirits for the coast holiday. They say when two people are in love, one is blind and the other deaf.
Maybe I was blind and she was deaf. Or maybe she was deaf, and I was blind.
We were chauffeured on the train as the VVIP.

I held her hand the entire trip. She looked at me and I looked at her but her gaze seemed distant. On the edge of my vision I saw a shaggy haired rastafarian, I caught the whiff of reefer. At the time I thought nothing of it…



The ending thou