A Great Baobab has fallen.

Another African Music Icon has left us too soon …

L’Orchestre Veve band leader and famous saxophonist Georges Kiamuangana Wazolambongo Mateta aka Verkys is no more.


The great saxophonist Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta , died of a stroke at the Kinshasa Medical Center aged 78.

Although recognized as a talented and prolific musician of all time, he was even more notable as the first indigenous African to own a record label and for introducing many major Congolese artists to the world through his recording studio and his Veve label.


He was a member of the rumba group TPOK Jazz , led by François Luambo Makiadi Franco , which dominated the Congolese music scene from the 1950s to the 1980s.

He later formed L’Orchestre Veve.
He contributed greatly to the formations of L’Orch Lipua Lipua , L’Orch Kiam and L’Orch Les Kamale.

Rest In Peace , Great Baobab …

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“Baluti” : L’Orch Veve


“Toweli Nini” : L’Och Veve


MHSRIP. He was a great musician with an exceptional talent in playing the saxophone. A great band manager and astute businessman. Verkys Kiamwangana Mateta Wazo la Mbongo. I cherish his songs Ditutala, Baluti, Taty, Mwana Mburu, Nakomitunaka and many others

And a greater little Baobab had risen to take his place in the form of his daughter , Ancy Kiamwangana

She is a chip off the old block …

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This musical angel is going places:blush::revolving_hearts::bouquet:

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And a blast from the past from the great man himself…

Kiamwangana Wazolambongo Mateta Verckys (RIP).

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“Zonga Andowe” - L’Orch: Veve.