A Glance of Malindi Nightlife (Not what you are thinking)!!!!

A glance of Malindi Nightlife[ATTACH=full]222128[/ATTACH]

Although it heavily relied on the tourist industry in days gone bye, Malindi used to be a 24 hour awake city before madness fucked it up! Al Shabaab. And our silly idea and brand of politics!
But Malindi is a sort of a Phoenix. Despite all those bad times, and the fact that tourists no longer visit in droves like before, Malindi has been more vibrant than many other towns and it’s growth has been phenomenal. Even without factories or agricultural activities of any significance, it has just paved it’s own unique way of development. It’s hard to tell what actually drives it’s growth.

Very true. The days of the awakening are coming!

Almost all the salt used in East and Central Africa comes from Malindi. Some of the money finds its ways into the local economy.