A girl named Kendi from Meru has changed her opinion.

No Kenyan bothered to tell this wakandan that Kendi is a girl’s name.


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Kendi changed his middle name to Xolani, which means ‘Peace’ in Zulu, and his surname from Rogers to Kendi when he got married after choosing the new name together. Kendi means ‘loved one’ in Meru.

FYI Miss Kendi here is the one tasked by Obama with pushing the CRITICAL RACE THEORY but he just ruined everythin’ . :D:D:eek:

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Cc @Kahuni Maisha

He appropriates names which are not his, from communities he knows zilch about just because he finds them attractive.

This sounds little until one realises he is of the group that will wail murder when muthungu mmoja ashuke nywele zake kidogo tu ati hiyo muthungu is appropriating african culture.

Idjit blm activist!

And from what I have just read online, Kendi doesn’t mean one who is loved as he thinks but rather one who loves.

The guy just destroyed Critical Race Theory utterly and completely !!

What is this thread about? Anything that has a Foxnews stamp, is never worth wasting any mental capacity on.

he has a right to his african roots…theres an international law about this but nimesahau… alafu hii ukabila ya peni mbili ndio inamalisa nyinyi bonobo…

He has been assimilated through and through as far as practical sense goes. His african identity has been stripped down to the colour of his skin as the only remaining characteristic. His roots were transplanted. He ought to accept and move on.

Kalameni mmoja huko yunared stets amejikang’any’a mbaya mbovu about race relations. The own goal he has scored against himself ni top notch. @LuandaMagere opines he was offside so the own goal should not be counted. Mimi nasema ihesabiwe.

Shows how little you understand about U.S politics.

This thread is about CRITICAL RACE THEORY. Basically what we are calling wokeism.

One of the key components in Obama’s agenda. Ibram Kendi is one of the top generals in leftist wing pushing CRT but two days ago he posted a tweet that debunked and destroyed CRT.

He said that whites have a hard time getting into college and therefore they cheat that they are black.

This in effect means that there is no racism and that whites are the one who actually suffer racism when trying to get into college.

You are a low IQ bonobo so this is a topic you will probably take time to ever understand.

There is a hotly contested elected in Virginia the home of racism and slavery. This is battleground zero for CRT politics.

Obama vs MAGA. McAullife the Dem candidate is very important figure in the DNC. He raises money for Clinton and Obama foundation. So this is a do ir die for Democrats.

This is the state where they desire to launch Obama agenda proper in Virginia schools.

Naku abia some people are full of bubble wrap in their heads. Racism only exists in college applications? How about the profiling of Black people on the roads. How about the underfunding of high schools located in Black communities. And lack of investement in Black communities? How many walmarts - Targets…do you find in stripmalls located on MLK Blvds. Areas mostly dotted with liqour stores. Lack of hiring of Black people in management positions? What percentage of fortune 500 CEOS or board members are Black, compared to general population? Or will you argue there are no capable ones…list goes on and on.

All these is bullshit because they had a black president for 8 years but now when is out office is when he thinks he can make changes.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]The profiling of Black people on the roads… hii ni rubbish juu many police in black neighborhoods are black! Are you saying that black cops are racist towards fellow blacks?

FYI they’ve pulled down any video of black cops from virtually the whole internet.

You google the words black cop and you are immediately bombarded with videos of white cops.

Of course this is planned PROPAGANDA. There was a video of a fat black cop choking a skinny kid but it has been scrubbed off the whole internet.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=5]Lack of hiring of Black people in management positions… [/SIZE]do you have any proof to support this? For crying out loud Obama was the CEO of the country. The list of black CEOs is very long and you have Google, so use it.

Just the other day you were bragging about how Kanye West is now worth $6 billion, sijui Rihanna is worth how many billions…

No need to address the rest of the comment because it’s just the kawaida Obamaesque BLM bullshiet bullet points.

(About college applications, that was a major bullet point in the promotion of CRT. But it has fallen flat on it’s face.)

Sorry to butt into your story with vercetti. Lakini sasa unashika vile hiyo own goal ya mujamaa imeingia? Mpaka anadelete footage anafikiri hatukuona.

Now we, vercetti, myself and like minded others, being on opposing sides to the name thief, naturally we have latched onto the thiefs’ pang’ang’a and we are beating him with it. And we are having lotsa fun.

I have never said Kanye is worth 6b. I could be wrong but I don’t think he is even worth 1b. But , Show me the number of black people in Executive management boards of Fortune 500 companies. Is it representative of the Black population. Racism persists.

You see, you are the one putting black people down.

If Kanye was WHITE you would not doubt his net worth but because he is BLACK you can’t even imagine he can be worth that much.

You have no problem believing that Elon Musk is worth $292 billion but ukiskia Kanye akona 6b hata karibu utapike. Cc @kipuke

You have asked me this question when you were using you arnono handle. I answered it nikaweka mapicha na bado ukaongea umeffi.

Leo tumia Google search mbwa wewe. Fuakin troll.

Niweke kisha useme, “Those are not enough add a few more!”:rolleyes::rolleyes:

(Old monk ni mwingine anakuwaga expert wa kufanyisha watu kazi za ujinga. “Hebu wekelea hekaya… hebu weka picha!” )

Google search works fine… ama wewe hauna???



Nothing about color here. If anything Mimi ndio uweka thread za new Black Successes( billlionaires) Tafuta thread za Jay Z, Rihanna uone. This is a taboo topic for you.
Elon musks wealth is on the stock exchange. He doesn’t have to prove anything. Huyo Kanye I have a caveat. Nobody knows his net worth. Forbes sent him a questionnaire and he filled it as he wishes. In the entertainement industry, the more you claim you are worth, the more you command. It’s all an illusion ata 50 cent will tell you. MayWeather couldn’t make as much if he didn’t add pizzazz to his fights by claiming he makes $250m a fight.
Na huyo arnono ni Wewe. Got no time for multi handles.

Keep digging yourself a deeper hole. Did Forbes send a questionnaire to Elon Musk to ask him how rich he is?

Nope. He is on the stock exchange. Which is public. Ownership has to be disclosed to the Securities commission. Neither did they have to send for Warren Buffet, Bill Gates…….it’s public info.