A fully Customized mechanical keyboard for the masses - keychron Q1

Last week Keychron released perhaps the greatest budget fully customizable keyboard at around 15K ($149) for the barebone edition. The barebone edition is just the body without the switches and keycaps. The board has south facing RGB LEDs, gold-plated screws, four gaskets and even uses open source VIA and QMK software - a keyboard enthusiast dream. Boards with all these specifications cost twice that amount. Like the Think 6.5 V2 standard edition will cost 45K ($449)


If you want a fully assembled one from Keychron you can pay an extra $20 and get some gateron phantom switches and ABS keycaps. But kusema ukweli that sounds like a downgrade on a really nice PCB. Hapa the minimum should be at least PBT keycaps.

This thing will be sold out like for the entire year but you can pre-order on Keychron. Time to switch!

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Watu wameshaanza customization

From this


To this




What im i supposed to be looking at? Coloured key caps? Si zimekua since kitambo ,even customizable back light keyboard for gamers to random DZ60 or pok3r boards with artisan or the bladi expensive GMK key caps . Ama its different tech ?

Oh sure, the keycaps and switches are just a couple of $$. Even Keychron asks for only an extra $20 to get you some switches and keycaps.

The big difference is the PCB. For these old keyboards, you’ll have a hard-time changing the switches. (soldering and de-soldering). Then on top of that you’ll find that some only accept one type of switch - (sometimes only manufacturer-specific switches are available) So hautapata aftermarket ones. The LED can also be pretty dull with zero customization. Most do not have a software interface and for those that do, they have a buggy one with no hope for updates so its completely unusable

What Keychron offers is a chance to just plug in a switch with your bare hands (hot-swappable) even when connected to power. The LEDs are also south-facing so you can put any kind of Keycap you can come across.

Then they give you a high quality build (metallic, gold-plated screws etc) - Even the type-C cable is a coiled-aviator cable.


Than they give you open source software which is obviously bug-free (in the long run). Few keyboard manufacturers give you an open source software alternative. Cheap ones even don’t have a software interface to start with. Custom software ensures unaweza remap keys and everything else with ease. Pia you get full control of your RGB.

For this keyboard you can even remove the badge on the top-right and replace it with a Knob that you can map for any function. Things like volume adjustment, zoom-in, zoom-out and software specific functions eg colour correction etc etc. You can even install a finger-print sensor if you like.


This barebones Keyboard should be priced around 30K - 40K. It’s a steal at that price.

Do these 30K - 40K Keyboards type shit on their own ama…?!

Dave2d made a great video on it

I respect Dave2d but on matters keyboard I follow switch and click. And a few other youtubers. Most of them Keychron did not send a review unit probably because they know these guys are very thorough with their work. Plus Dave2d or Linus will not take you through a full customization for this keyboard. Switch and Click may even do a 2 hour live customization on youtube and follow up with a couple more videos over the year.

I know they may seem expensive but if you are into keyboard they are worth every coin. The best keyboard is the one you are currently using but if you want better then you might pay a little more.

It’s a little like TVs. The biggest difference will occur when switching from a CRT TV to a LED TV. Otherwise the difference between a 40K TV and a 400K TV is marginal. Sometimes both display the same content in a very similar way. But it’s not like a 600K TV follow you around the house or anything.

Hapo sasa,nimekuget. Ive been looking for a keycap puller hadi i resorted to buying those wireless keyboards they are functional but mundane


That makes sense. Personally I’m not that into mechanical keyboards. I’ll watch a video when kina Dave and Linus make a video but I won’t go out seeking content. At most I’ll scroll through the subreddit and see the customisations people do like the key caps to make colour ways

Wow, that Keychron keyboard is a steal for its price! I remember when I was looking for my first customizable board. It was a bit overwhelming with all the options out there. Ended up stumbling upon QwertyBro through a friend who’s a total keyboard geek. Their boards are top-notch in terms of build quality and the typing feel is just incredible. If you’re diving into the mechanical keyboard world, it’s definitely worth considering. As for Keychron’s latest release, sounds like they’re really raising the bar with those features.