a foreigner in London...


Hawa ni wale washamba outcasts

Sasa tufanye nini?

This kind of loneliness is associated with, single mamis boys

I wonder how it’s for Kenyans living in Scandinavian Countries?

francis WANJIKU.

Huyu amejaa estrogen. Kwani anatarajia wanawake wamkatie?. Ajitume kama ndume zingine hapa.

Anakaa mwanaume " nakumiiiis maaam mwaaa". FOOL.

The cold and fog will kill his spirit. @Finest wine , come uwashie kijana yenu jiko. He’s about to have a blue Christmas, and other blue things too.


He said he is lonely. He can’t be helped coz one can be lonely anywhere in this world. Hata Kenya. I get lonely when I come over coz most of my friends are busy at work and most live abroad anyway. You are supposed to make friends where you are…be it at work, school, church, gym etc…
I could have helped if he said he is bored but lonely???neeeeeein.

BTW I remembered you the other day:D:D:D. So I nipped out to the supermarket down the road to get some milk. Bumped into the very handsome Alex, a good friend of my nephew. He said …‘hi so and so from across the road’ and I answered back ’ ohhhhh hie handsome, how is your Mum?’ Small talk and nikakuka home. Told my nephew about it haki innocently. Wacha kakijana kakasirike…:D:D:D
Because… I said ‘handsome’!!! he told my other nephew when he came to visit and they both ganged up on me. Ati that is cougarish behaviour and I should stop…the irony is that my girlfriends fawn all over them and they never complain…my girls are even worse…they jokingly ‘hit’ on them but they luuurve it. Why can I not fawn all over Alex…and he is tall, dark and vvvvv handsome…:mad:?and I know he likes me back…:cool:

Well, well…Now, we were trying to help our unknown friend who seems to fear chatting up girls. He must be missing familiar things and people. I know there are people wherever he is, and true, he could strike a convo with a stranger on the train, which he seems to take quite often, he just needs a bit of confidence. But it’s quite possible to be lonely without being bored. You could get him to meet your English friend–the one who makes that squishy camel dish. She had lovely green eyes.
As for your cougarish streak, sitasema kitu for now.

One can be lonely but I don’t think anyone can help you unless they remove themselves from that situation. May’be arudi kwao Kenya?Also depends on his mission here. If he is here short term ajipe shughuli kwa internet…if he is here for the long haul ajipange and make an effort to interact more closely with other human biengs. London is a melting pot and there are people from all over the world. Also depends on whether he wants to mingle with Kenyans or not.

Kwanini husemi anything about my cougarish ‘streak’? I don’t know this ‘quiet you’:D.
Chelsea is about to take on Wolves and all the Chelsea ‘herras’ wamejaa kwa whatsup yangu wishing the Blue Boys ill:mad:. Beshte wangu pale Kansas has told me he is waking up specifically to cheer on Wolves:mad:.

Shiko is lonely in london:D:D
Si atafute kunguru

Hehe, I want to leave you to your game. We may not sort out the lonely man’s problem, but I fear for Alex.
I didn’t say anything because I sensed a certain feverish magnetism that draws you to this Alex.
You linked your chance meeting with him to having thought of me. Why?
I just don’t want to be the evil influence that might lead to you giving him a sexual miseducation, (that older is better), that’s all.:smiley:

The young man says that the only female voice he hears is that automated service on the tubes. Aaaaaai kwani where does he study or work?:confused:and on those tubes kwani hakuna female passengers??. I overheard nephews discussing a new app sijui inaitwa aje? where someone can hit on you/say hi whilst inside the tubes…something to that effect. I did not wanna probe:D. Atafute hio…
Ogaaaaaaay I hear your views about Alex na nimeenda sasa:D:D:D:D:D:D:D.

Arimis ya Randanboro inaitwa aje we inform Mr. Wanjiku?

The internet should be his bbf right now. Rona Omicron is on us and so we are indoors.