A flood of Mexicans at U.S border.

All of them ready to vote for Biden and flip Texas. In one day they were 20,000 latinos arriving in a matter of hours.






Will all of them settle in Texas, or they will move all over the place ?

Fake news wamekanyagia hii story kabisa. Even Fox is not interested. Personally I can only ask what is the cause of such misery? Why would a mother with her baby in tow attempt such a dangerous crossing? Can nothing be done in their home countries?

(Of course the cause is probably in the U.S itself.)


Acha watu waingie america bana. Where are they supposed to go when America has trashed most of south america


Kwani nyinyi ndio founding fathers of america? Wacha watu waingie vile mliingia tu

USA is stolen land. Come one come all