A Flight of Fancy.

I’m hanging out with my ladies in the house.We get together once in awhile for a bit of gossip and a bit of business and one lady has unleashed some bottles of a nasty blue drink which i steer clear from.I know it’s lent season…but I’m not a stickler to rules,so I will clear up the remaining whiskey in the house and avoid buying a new bottle until Good Friday…good plan ey?

My “wimmins”, as @Nefertities calls 'em ,are taking shots of smirnoff electric vodka…I’m getting a hazy but euphoric feeling. I try to listen to their mushene.Wimmins…I watch them as they wag their tongues…blue tongues ,thanks to the smirnoff. Music is streaming on the background and the mood is great.I head to the kitchen to check on lunch and my thoughts turn to him just as my SOTM (song of the moment) comes to play.


Now,normally I don’t listen to the millennial,but this song got me from the beat.

Climb on board
We’ll go slow and high tempo
Light and dark
Hold me hard and mellow -ZAYN

                   My heart beats fast...I remember the first random road trip we took..His hand on my thigh, lightly caressing me...hiking up my black dress...my breath catching,his eyes fixed on the road,cruising at 80kph and a smile on his face.I close my eyes and remember my thighs parting,placing my left leg on the dashboard and his finger rubbing me through my cotton panties,slowly making me moist.I couldn't wait to get to our destination,this teasing was driving me nuts...I didn't have to wait for long.He diverted and drove to a recreational park. It was a weekday and the place was almost deserted. The savannah heat was blazing and so was my body,feverish heat that seared my body.
                   He parked the car in a discreet corner and leaned over for a kiss...gods,this kiss was so sensual and arousing just like the first one we shared.A kiss that promised to deliver paradise.I pulled him closer and deepened the kiss as his hand strayed to my titties...damn,his other hand finding my center and pulling my panties to the side and finally....gods..finally, the first contact.His finger rubbed my nub ,making me moan and call out his name.Passion flared from my soul's core, I had not planned for this,neither had he but for once in my life I did not give a shit about consequences.I wanted him and he wanted me too, I could tell that as  I caressed his shaft.We got out and jumped onto the backseat, no ferkin gear between us just us...Our lips locked in another passionate kiss,as soon as he closed the door his hand swiftly removing my panties and just as quickly unzipping himself and lowering his khaki pants...

[I]The place to lose your fears
Yeah, reckless behavior
A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw- ZAYN

“This is crazy”… [/I]I whispered in his ear as i hoisted myself on his lap and straddled him.
He firmly held my ass underneath my dress… " I know. I love you"
I did not dispute that, I could see it,feel it’s aura surrounding us…ferk it, at that moment I knew I had been waiting for this man my whole life…I slowly opened up and felt his tip on my wet pussy, I shivered with pleasure.

“Kichwa tu” He whispered the famous line.

We laughed for a moment.This was madness indeed.I held the back rest of the seat and his hands found my breasts.His soft caresses making my nipples hard…making me ache some more. I sunk myself on his hardness…an inch in…damn,this dick was so damn sweet.I gyrated my hips,enjoying the sensation ,watching the torture on his face,it probably mirrored my own… An inch was not enough…I wanted more. I lowered myself further with the next stroke…goddamn,his manhood opened me up.I moaned as the phallus hit a secret spot…secret because I have never felt such intense fulfillment in my entire life.I stopped moving for a moment and looked at him straight in his eyes.I was his .I let go of all reservations and gave in to the feeling…raw,animal passion,lust and love mixed up,and sweat dripped from my body as I rode him. My cunt taking him in to the hilt…clenching him,feeling him throb back in response… not wanting it to stop…ever.My body shook as my thighs clasped his and finally orgasms hit me rapidly…one ,two. I leaned on him and let the waves carry me away to Elysium.I lay there on his chest for a moment.Enjoying our union…listening to his heart beating steadily.

“Weh mwanamke umeenda wapi?” My best friend,with her coastal accent, is calling me from the sitting room.Jerking me back to reality.
“Napakua mlo,naja.” I shout back.
“Kweli? umkawia sana , ama we pia walwa humo?” .They all laugh.I smile…if only that was true.
My whiskey is almost through.I feel good. Enjoy your weekend talkers.

(I drink and write things)

Pillow talk
My enemy, my ally
Then we’re free, it’s a thin line
I’m seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure
Nobody but you, 'body but me
'Body but us, bodies together
I love to hold you close, tonight and always
I love to wake up next to you- ZAYN.



nkt. :D:D:D:D

si we ni ng’ombe.
HEY!! you are back.

nasoma hii nashikwa na boner kwa ofisi ya muhindi.NKT

sowwy babe…I thought you were on the highway.

highway mpaka usiku.prepare twende kwa Kagame

sisomangi tabia mbaya

we endelea kuzifanya tuuu.:smiley:

Khai, kichwa tu???o_O @pseudonym

I swear umeniacha Elysium.:p:p

Imagine!!sigwes na sigwes!

Niaje @pseudonym

I wasn’t planning to have wank at this time of the day @pseudonym !
Now look what you made me do!

Yoote basi;)

Daaamn woman!

kambuyu niaje , bado wewe ni momo

Niko fiti .

How’s the weekend?

Wank tena, where’s our gal today?

Not bad…you still drinking whisky

Aaaah…now I get you, :wink: .
:D:D:D thiì pìù!

Jameson’s is making my braincells shrivel. Wait,do braincells shrivel?

Mhmmm… there was another one stowed away…for emergencies.