A fisi dilemma.

It’s exactly 2 weeks since my girlfriend gave birth to our first born. During her pregnancy, I have been having sex outside our relationship since she had already lost her sex drive…Now here is the dilemma ; It’s rumored that once you get a baby you should stop sleeping with other women for a while or else you can infect the baby with a certain disease we call in my dialect “ishira”
How true is this wazito?

Endelea kukula. Ikihappen ni true. Ikikosa ni fake. Lakini usiwache kukula

sawa utakipata

Every challenge has a solution…
And as your traditional doctor and having stayed with wazee for the better part of my adult life I’ll give you a prescription, you can either:

  1. Look for a mole hill, take some little fine soil from there mix with your house drinking water akikunywa hiyo maji, she will transmit the dawa to the baby. Hata ukirarua lanye, nothing will happen.
  2. Go to a road junction, pick some fine soil from there, administer as above.
  3. If the above are hard to access, once you eat out, bathe and come home with a package-sugar, nyama, bread, milk, etc.
    Your child will grow up tough with no problems at all.
    Sasa tuma consultation fee inbox halafu unitafute nikupee dawa ya evil eye.

It’s true. I dated a girl in my campus days akiwa first year. We broke up when she was getting to third year.

She got bitter ile anasema she won’t trust men because I broke her heart. So akaanza kucheza wajamaa and she wasn’t hiding it.

She got pregnant at 3rd year. Lucky for her she knew who’s pregnancy it was. They two families discussed wakaelewana.

They even sent her a househelp from home so she could attend classes comfortably. Shida aliendelea na hiyo tabia after delivering.

Anaachia mboch mtoto anaenda class akitoka anapitia mahali anapigwa miti. The father to the kid had already finished campus.

She didn’t stop after several warnings. Kidogo mtoto akaanza kuwa mgonjwa na akakufa at 6 months.

But then I heard inafaa uoge ukifika home. You shouldn’t touch the baby na hizo mikono zimetoka kushika wanawake.

Clean up immediately you get home. Otherwise, happy cheating!!

If she bores you a baby, she is a wife …so stop holding on to the girlfriend vibe

What’s wrong with subbies anyway

Rumors* are to be spread but not taken serious.

No scientific proof to that.

Endelea kukula

Na ukimchukua kama second wife

Kuwa unapaka mavi ya ngombe hapo chini ya kisogo, and all will be fine. A cow without blemishes.

Wariahe mimi iko kubaliana na wewe leo

She transmitted a deadly std to the newborn through breastfeeding…

It’s not so bad for men: You need to clean yourself up before touching the baby. Thats’ it.

So many negatives from a woman’s perspective: For example, women are the custodians of sex while men are the custodians of the relationship. What I mean is that, a woman needs to give you consent to have sex with her, otherwise it is called RAPE.
On the other hand, a man’s responsibility is to get the relationship going, and if one woman rejects you, you move on to the next.

In the natural world / jungle laws, female species will co-exist with one another without any problems but introduction of a secondary male in the mix will cause chaos. Imagine bringing home a second jogoo in the group of your chicken which were being dominated by one Jogoo. Chaos ensues.
Try sheep or cattle, whatever you name; hierarchy exists naturally and so does it to mankind.

The only unique species, scientifically proven to be opposite is the chimpanzee. For these species, it’s more like the female is what is the dominant figure within the hierarchy and probably it is what scientists believe is what separates them from mankind.

Imagine a polygamous situation where the man has 10 wives: He would definitely bang the others when one has given birth and this was some sort of rotation strategy employed by our forefathers.

Slight differences of course exist between the two eras for example our forefathers would have all these women around a single compound while you chase Kunguru’s between Ngong and Ruiru.

I mean, a few differences exist between the stone age and today but I think such scary stories were meant to scare the hell out of men to adopt monogamy. By default, men are polygamous and simping has even made the situation worse.

Sote tuseme AMEN!

Well articulated!

It is the year 2021 and you still believe in “ishira”? What if you have more than one wife or this “ishira” can tell apart kunguru na other wives? Observe basic hygiene kabla ushike mtoto…that’s it.

kisogo ya ngombe, yako ama ya mtoto?

In simple terms, it takes 9 months for a woman to give birth. A man can impregnate over 20 women in those months na dunia ijazwe. As such, one to many relationship.

Kisogo yake kabla aingie mle

Wabukusu ni wachawi

Kisogo ni forehead?

kisogo ni rear of head
mhali ulikuwa ukipakuliwa primary na headymaster
ama mahali unapumuliwangwa kwa lodgning baada ya kununuliwa pilsner