A fisherman and a phylosopher

A fisherman and a phylosopher were crossing a river on a boat and the phylosopher was asking stupid questions. :smiley:

phylosopher: Do you know sociology?
Fisherman. : No I dont.
Phylosopher : ooops you have lost 20 % in your life.
And do you know what is entomology?
Fisherman. : I dont know that either…
Phylosopher : So sad, what do you know about life? . Is just Pathetic andy You have lost another 40% of your meaning of life.

  • soon the boat started sinking :smiley: :smiley:
    fisherman : Do you know Swimology and escapalogy from crocodology?

Phylosopher : (panics) . What is ThaT!!
Fisherman : You have lost a 100% of your life and crocodology will eat your assology because of your big mouthology.

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