A Father in Distress.

Soon in .ke, those with little kids, nieces and nephews, don’t be surprised, if they turnout this way.


very sad

Halloween was the portal which led to all this demonic activity in this child. Halloween is witchcraft, it’s neither cute nor funny. I was afraid the old man would suffer a heart attack because his pain is so raw.

Don’t you transgenderism in something that is inborn ? In some countries in the far east, it’s in their beliefs that they exist a 3rd gender which is trans.

That whore you are raising may it turn into LGBTQ like you the most stupid talker on the milky way Galaxy

A bullet through the skull. I better be childless than live to see this.

Your children have an independent mind and soul, at times it’s just easy to accept and move on, than live in torment and regrets.
Soon it will be fully blown in .ke

mimi i shoot the jamaa on the face , i tell the court i brought this problem to the world now am taking it away.


pole sana in advance @Yuletapeli . halafu kuna watu hapa wanasema wanataka watoto ndio wabebe legacy yao> bure kabisaa!! AMG bros tuko Childfree

Too much of anything is dangerous. We welcome freedom, but there has to be checks and balances.

Kodiaga tuliza nyege. Tuliza nyege ghasia wewe

They can’t do it in kenya and they know it. Infact my community will kill him in the most brutal way, the same way other youths & men were terminated, bora kuna evidence. Tulikula kiapo.

Good for you.

Kama ni wangu na nyonga na mikono live on camera. Life is not worth living.

Noma sana.

Na wewe ndio unataka kupereka watoto Aussie. Wakifika huko sio wako ni wa liberal homosexual teachers.

Naifikiria sana.

Ati munaitwa l

legacy ninjas.

Ningekua legacy ninja kama @Jimit i would have done everything to take my kids out of kenya. Lakini sada mimi ni AMG bro