A fat ass is the only qualification many Nairobi women need to Push some money



And some FAT stacks is all a NAIROBIAN need to push these puthies

Noti mzeee ni kama umeshika shonde

That is one hideous finger nail.

Almost similar to uwesmake’s wretchedly, deformed digits.

Hio haga ni fyne
Siwes mind kuspend on drinks on an ass like thurr.

This bitch isnt even educated…form 4 leaver…

what’s her name? Handle?

Kitu swafiiiiii

A good dicking son,a good dicking…then let the word of your prowess spread and permeate the streets…you dont need cash if you know your cards right

Haters hate what they cant have

Banned currency???! I am hating on tissue paper?!

Kuna kijana barubaru anakuta hizo vitu free kwa hostel as the sponsor is buying cars for the same cat :smiley:

The car is not hers

Hizi karatasi hata njugu hazifungii

Hii ni Kunguru ya IG, handle is July_Fest
There was a video that went viral 3 years ago featuring 2 chics speaking in Kao and inviting people to Steamz Palace, Masaku for a night of live music and “ne kutomba kutomba”

Wacha kuonea Wana wake,when you can wake up to vote for men who are drug addicts, murderers, thieves and peddlers, I don’t think you have the moral authority to point a finger . Why aren’t you jealous of Babu Owino or Sonko? Ama kwa sababu you share a deck.

But do Babu or Sonko have a [SIZE=7] fat ass (as their) only qualification (they) need to Push some money?[/SIZE]