A Facebook comment that evokes sadness


You are right big man…i actually feel devastated knowing that the same youth being coerced will not get a dime off of it. Ive been to kisumu and the only job that those youth do is filling up matatus and bodabodas. Life there is super hard moreso there is a huge difference between the rich and the poor. Look at mamboleo guba kondele airport bridge and compare it with milimani where the politicians reside. Nobody should lie to you that business thrives there…It will take decades before kisumu solves its problems because of the retrogressive politics. Anyway, only death is permanent under the sun just maybe their leaders will relent and give that populace a chance to grow.

I feel for our hoi polloi

Try visiting kisumu, drive around and you will notice that life there is harder. Office spaces are empty, stalls are half full. Life is hard but their politics makes it harder.

Oh my! A political revolution is long overdue in the lake region.

Very nigh …i went around that town and almost cried. The people are suffering due to an individual’s interest. Things are terrible…

But they still worship him even after the Handchieth betrayal.

Signing it doesn’t necessarily mean it has passed. It will have to undergo the next step Which is a referendum, contested or not.

Agwambo worship. The average Luo is an emotional creature and outsourced his thinking to Raila.
Each has a minimum of 30 twitter accounts that they are now using to troll anyone who doesn’t support BBI(Mt Kenya having more MPs)

Saddening fact

BBI is already law. I hate to say it lakini not accepting it is an exercise in futility.

Very very true.
Was there last month for a week opted not to drive around…was cycling and walking thru milimani…then decided to trek through nyalenda ghetto.
Vijana ni kuchapa seti mtaani kudunga risto.
Mall stalls are branded but empty…zingine half branded and abandoned.
Big business are cutting corners just to break even water diversions kuavoid hefty monthly water bills, hospitals admitting people for petty stuff that dont need you to lala huko…na ukitoka uende inje kiasi docs or nurses do all sorts of tests without your knowledge…unakuja kugundua when your presented with your bill…msee ame enda huko pneumonia…kurudi anapata mgonjwa amepigwa covid test chap chap na hospital staff arent following covid protocols.
Milimani ni baniani zina hold the fort…kina pra mu k…sahio waafrika ndio watchmen na yardsmen.
Nikaingia base fulani inajiita kcity kujibonda kiasi…base iko karibu na stenje d- waka cross over for lunch…walikuwa tu wanadiscuss vile petty crimes on the up kwa break in business premises na uwizi wa metre za stima na maji.
I aint fluent in jango but hio ya metre za stima maji ni kama kulikuwa na ka racket hapo around.

And where is life easy In ke?

Going by what you’ve typed,you are clearly as emotional as baba supporters!

i don’t feel for them, wacha wazidi kuchimba kaburi, kila mtu apambane na hali yake

But their foolish decisions and submission to the elites will be the end of us.

And remember, the youth of today will be the parents and leaders of tomorrow. Very scary.

In that case we have no future

Chief, I fear to think of what kind of future our country has. Something has to give, otherwise we have no country to think of.

Tutahamia America kwa akina Purple kikiumana