A dose of own medicine

Meanwhile, Constable Mithika was charged with assaulting and injuring Inspector Bernard Mochama.
According to Mr Gikunda, Insp Mochama was returning home and the accused were patrolling the Stone Two Ruai area in Nairobi County.
Insp Mochama met the accused as he was accompanied by other police officers on patrol to enforce curfew rules.
Insp Mochama had boarded a boda boda so that he would arrive home before curfew enforcement hours.
Defendant then stopped him and asked him to identify himself. He gave them the ID of the Police Department but they were not satisfied.
"Who are you? Bring an ID and then identify yourself, ”Mr Gikunda said.
When the complainant felt threatened, he fled to his home.
The court was told the accused and his accomplice followed Mr Mochama and found him waiting for the gate to open.
“The complainant received a beating of the century in front of his wife who had left the house to open the gate for him outside the plot,” said Mr Gikunda.
The court was told neighbors rescued the complainant and took him to Njiru Police Station to record a statement.
The two cases will be heard

Kuna news ukipata unashindwa ulie ama ucheke.

Hii Kama Ni ukweli inataka hata ukilia machozi iwe TOJ

It is funny and tragic at the same time.

D- Materials ni kama a rolling stone. They clear anything on their path regardless.

Good for them. Both mwenye ali chapwa na na wenye walimchapa waka shtakiwa. Set a thief to catch a thief. Makarao wa Kenya ni taka taka.

Kenya police is a criminal organisation. Wacha walimane hakuna mwizi na mchungulia.:D:D:D

Hizi manyoka zimeuwa wakenya wengi sana