A Deal with the Devil


Kwanza tuambie kwa nini umeweka kandege. Nani unajifichia?:D:D:D

Ok then.

Those who have taken part in a swearing ceremonies, and participated in rituals where something is ingested… blood has to be drunk, whether human blood, or animal blood, or a symbol of blood or proxy of the same, and perform ritual ingestion of other edibles eg meat, bread, fruit etc: those people are in a contract with a being of one or other category; whether they know it or not.

True. Very true.

I once drank snake blood during a wilderness survival course. Everyone did it. I guess you could call it a ritual. Does that count?

:smiley: judging from your avatar, you are a gone case! No coming back.

The idea of eating meat or drinking blood hoping the animal powers or faculties involved would be conveyed to oneself is mental ignorance for the parties involved in the ritual.