A Damaged Clock Is ALWAYS CORRECT 24/7 Somewhere Across The Globe


This wall clock is stuck at 10:09.

There is somewhere across this world that the time is 10:09 and after another minute as the globe spins there will be another spot that is 10:09. So this clock is constantly correct no matter what.

How did I even find myself here?

:D:D Ndindu’s eureka moment…

It’s always raining on earth 24/7 , the question is where?

Hio ajanta wall clock iliweza.

You’re a @REPLICA bro … thats how.

Your skull is full of rocks. Hukufanya GHC ukasoma Longitudes and Latitudes…?

Hakuna timezones that are separated by one minute. Ushawahi sikia ati UTC+1 minute?

Kama ni 10:09 in UTC+3 and a minute passes it’ll be 09:10 in UTC+2, 10:10 in UTC+3, etc.


:D:D:D:D:D… You now understand why the majority of candidates waliuma D+ in the recent kcse exams

Nugu. If you sub divide the degrees separating any two latitudes to a fine detail you can go down to seconds let alone minutes, so there is a place hata kama ni Kwa ocean that is 10:09 saa Hii.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]The distance between each degree of latitude is 69 miles (110 kilometers). Now convert those 110 KM into centimeters then into millimeters and you will create Timeszones separated by minutes.

When I wrote this I didn’t go by the conventional timezones. They say that the time in Nairobi is the same as in Kampala but in real sense Nairobi is seconds ahead if you want us to go that route.

Use your time for something else. This is top-shelf horseshit.

Umekoma ubishi. Mambo ya navigation huwezani na mimi.

Let me explain why your answer is stupid.

If you subdivided timezones then you wouldn’t be using hours to tell time. You’ll have to use minutes and seconds or come up with a different unit.

If you have timezones separated by minutes where does HH:mm time of 10:09 come from? You’d have to use mm:ss to tell time and time of day would start from 0000:00000AM to 2399:86399PM according to your garbage timezones.

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Just because Timezones is not sub divided into Minutes & seconds does not mean it is wrong.

The distance between Nairobi and Kiambu is 16KM it is also correct to say that Nairobi and Kiambu are1,600,000 CMs apart.

Time difference between Nairobi & London is 3 Hours, it is also correct to say that the difference is 10,800 Seconds.

Come for lessons about Degrees and Radians

Hesabu za Navigation huwezi nifunza hata punje nugu hii

HIi ignorance si ya kawaida.

This is what happens when multiple answers are correct but nobody wants to accept the other’s opinion. Both longitudes and timezones are a thing.

It is exactly what I have been trying to tell that cow. Lakini yeye anataka ikuwe tu you can define one quantity using just 1 type of unit. Kama ni time anatak ikuwe measured in Hours ONLY yet seconds ndizo SI units

If you are inside a West bound ship that is able to keep a constant speed as the earth’s spin around it axis, you can chase sunrise and keep travelling in the morning through out for thousands of nautical miles.

If a tree falls in the middle of a forest and nobody hears it fall, does it make any sound?

This is the beauty of liberal arts. Each argument is judged on its own ability to stand.