A crazy man has been nabbed with an M16 pale Kibra


Bringing water pipes to a gunfight,what was the initial plan,hose down the guy to death?:D:D:D:D:D

Highly doubt that’s all they have packing underneath those leather jackets

They discovered the gun moments latter

Why make him carry the gun???na akitoa oingu na aamue kutumia hiyo gun…

An M16 is rare and quite expensive to acquire, not to mention it has been found in a political hotbed.
Perhaps we should take this a little more seriously

Imetolewa risasi

rip pixels

Absolutely,maybe someone powerful gave it to him


Izo viatu zaki ni multicolored

Ni chizi

The should preserve it to fish for more fingerprints though, utter carelessness by the police.

Jimmy wanjigi ama ile kijana nyeusi fupi iko na kelele inateteaga konyagi 1

Maybe angesema wamwekelea…no one trusts the police nowadays even if they are right/innocent.

This look like a set up. Why hang the gun around his neck and walk him around kibera. ODM tactics juu wanajua wanalose.

Most likely wako na state issued pistols (meffi) ninja ako na semi auto M-16 if he snaps all are dead

Probably so, impressive gun though

Definitely, doesn’t look the sort to have such means

Someone is sending a message in a very weird way.

Or they showed their hand accidentally, let’s say the guy broke into a safe house and nicked it