A crate of tomatoes

I thought hii wizi is only in potato farming kumbe even tomato crates huongezwa extensions.


Kuumiza mkulima banae

Si mungeuliza first why they do so… gosh! So much illiteracy on here

Its called a man eat man society.
It can also be loosely refered to as a zero sum game. Broker puts in no sweat but ends up stealing from the hardworking farmer. Hardworking farmer loses hope and stops farming. Broker now goes broke as there is no person to ‘steal’ from.

Other clever heads realise thats its easier to steal from farmers than to put in the sweat and be the farmer. In a few years brokers targeting that region exceed the amount of farmers with tomatoes. But since its a man eat man society the laws of supply and demand dont apply as expected. Instead the many brokers all fight to broker the few farmers. Unapata very high turn over of both farmers and brokers.

In the end no one benefits and all suffer

Si uniulize tu why they do that instead of this useless comment

I think they need that extension kilo ifike 64kgs.

They tried stacking crates …tomatoes zikafika zimebondeka in transit

So they were allowed to package it this way without stacking.

Best believe, I am an insider

Wacha kutubeba.hivi hivi. So all countries where they grow and package tomatoes in standard ‘bread’ crates are fools? So all countries where tomatoes are sold in Kgs as the standard unit of measure instead ya kupima kwa macho are fools? So all countries where there are proper farmers market without brokers and Mungiki kwa entrance are fools? So other countries where there are unnecessary cess collection points, corrupt traffic cops, rough kanju guys who you must pay before you park your pick-up loaded with tomatoes, etc, are all fools?

And who is the authority who allowed them to package that way? What research did the authority use to come up with that conclusion? What is the actual standard measure that the authority defined for such bonoboish packaging?

Sijasoma yote


Wakulima wajitafutie soko. Hii mambo ya broker ndio inaumiza economy. Wakulima wakijipanga itakuwa poa kwao na kwa wateja

Ati ‘gosh’

Ngaaaaaay mcooosh

Niko na nyanya kibao…leta soko

Which county is this Maasai women are farming tomatoes?

Kumbe hii nugu inakuwanga broker ya nyanya.

Kivutha amejengeavwatu wake a tomato pulping factory. Nyinyi na upuzi yenu ya BBI na Tangatanga mkule hizo tomato zenyu, shenzi ghaseer, takataka.


Kivutha is just full of PR. Ask people on the ground

:smiley: you bought that PR? @ChifuMbitika knows…hizi machine huguruma media/NGOs wakikuja interviews, wakienda zinazimwa very fast.

True brother