A common story among Kikuyus.

Probably watoto wako na mama USA lakini baba ndio aliwasomesha wakafika huko. Gentlemen, stack that money! It will save you when you get old. Others still think that kids are a form of security. At my children are my happiness. Jinga hii

AN ELDERLY MAN neglected by his family has found a new home courtesy of a local NGO.
Identified as Munene, the man was rescued by ‘Usikimye’ and taken to a home for the aged. His brothers had allegedly wished him dead so they could inherit his land. “Several years back, they assaulted him and removed his teeth,” says Usikimye.
Munene is now clean and well taken care of at his new home. “The doctors found a heavy build up of acid due to him staying hungry,” adds the organisation.
They are now appealing for donations of adult diapers for the elderly man.

Hapa curse ishajipa to the kids if he has any.

Since we are coming up with wild theories, even I have mine from a case I know. Sometimes these men leave their first families for a second one alafu you abandon them. Then unaenda kuhanya all your life. The women & children will move on without a backward glance. In the end you’ll be alone.

naskia nephew ni subchief and was involved, I tell you there is a God in heaven… Hao wte unaweza pata wakienda wote waache mzee na mali yake

no justification for assulting him, plucking his teeth and leaving him for dead to inherit the land… they still stand guilty

Is that what this man did.

Stop justifying neglecting your folks,hiyo hasira it can turn out to life full of agony mzee akienda kama amekasirika

True. Pole kwake.

was the property your moms’s?

Ndio maana tunasema Childfree=Bliss

I’m not justifying anything. Of course you should always be the bigger person and learn to forgive. But you forget pia kilio cha mtoto pia hufikia Mungu. What goes around comes around.

Hakuna kilio kidogo but i think ya weak mzazi ata kama alikosea itasikika zaidi.

That must have happened in Kiambu. The county where money is more valued than human life.

MGTOW =FREEDOM…men learn to care for yourselves ,put some savings to cater to your needs and desires especially ukizeeka.

Na hii mali ni saf sana

alaah! hi sio drum bana:D

Even if your parents mistreated you, the least you can do to them is being kind to them.

Hata drum hupigwa na miti ndogo. Do not short change yourselefu coz ya inadequencies,wewe ni simba . You can do it!!!

mambo ya familia ni ngumu,
saa zingine wazee hawafikirii about when they will have no money or energy to work.

unapata tupesa kidogo and abandon your wife and kids for some yellow yellow younger than your wife… bibi wa kwanza na watoto wanavumilia wanatoboa, then ukifirisika unaanza kurudi kutafuta sympathy…

the father to a very close friend came to work in Nairobi and abandoned them, waliteseka wakati baba yao mzazi anaponda raha na kunguru hapa nairobi.

It was terrible to an extent that when their ancestral land was being sub-divided he refused to appear or send money for sub-division and title deed.
finally it was decided by the uncles that the land will be inherited by the children of the guy.

the guy finally retired with nothing, saa hii anakaa kwa slum living from hand to mouth. He is too embarrassed to even visit ushago, he is old and frail,
in his 80s now.

wanaume think about your retirement, when you are 60 , broke and jobless 1 year will feel like a decade.

unajaribu kusema nini na lugha ya mama bwana kinyozi

My bad,apologies,nimesoma post yako kama swali. Sikujua wewe dereva wa tulela pia