Chipukeezy 1- 0 JKL

That right of reply accorded to Joe is baaaaaaad news

Unasema nini?

that JK chose to run with a one-sided interview without caring to ask for the guy’s right of reply has exposed his journalistic skills

I have always stated that jeff is a mediocre and overrated journalist.

Kwanza the fucker is out here pandering to feminazis while he lost his job at CNN over sexual harassment allegations. Jinga kabisa.

jeff is a good journalist even though he sometimes becomes overexcited. he has to ask questions and let the interviewee answer in the manner he likes. the question of whether the answers are good, bad or void is up to the audience.

Jeff always has been an ordinary journalist. He must learn to accept answers as they are

Jeff Koinange is just like Maina Kageni; a male Feminazi. I find both to be repulsive. I only watched this episode with Wendy because people kept talking about it. But I’ve had enough. No more JKL for me for a long time

The same thing had doors closed right on his face at SG after interviewing Miguna vs Passaris. He’s never neutral in his interviews. He gets such ratings because of his circle and ability to bench big names.