A Choice Between Raila & Ruto Is A Choice Between 2 EVILS

If these two are the candidates to choose from come 2022 then Kenyans had better start stocking on Castrol High Performance Lubes whoever wins will shaft us tuoanze kusema Moi was a Saint.

I cannot vote for either of them, I will not be party to deliberately ruin Kenya.

Presden my @$$

Raila is a hard worker… Only akona non Christian believes mingi and practices them i think.

Ruto ni dingo…


Replace Messi and Ronaldo with raila and ruto

moi is already a saint going by what uhuru has done to the economy

Both uhuru and ruto

hehehe Kenya is a secular country…

If you can’t make a choice between Raila and Ruto how will you face more complicated matters?

I will only vote for Kivutha if he avails himself for the presidency. My ID number is 2------1


Ruto is the lesser evil

A donkey still better than both

You guys mnajadiliana ni Kama kuna 3rd choice in the offing. Ukweli WA mambo ni ati if Ruto squares it out with Raila si sisi wote tunajua matokeo

Remember Raila akiwa ministry of roads and public works… Watu wali bomolewa manyumba… Barabara zika wekwa…

[SIZE=7]ruto is a saint ![/SIZE]

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are you sitting on the table and drinking with someone called madness?? how do you come up with this crap if you’re not drunk??? raila is a known witchcraft practicer (there’s no such word though). Ruto is the hardworker. labbish!

The problem is hakuna watu clean interested in coming forward yet. If Kenyans do not exercise their right to vote sisi kwisha kabisa.