A Change of Heart

Nelly dumped her boyfriend in 2020 after he became jobless and broke.
She started dating Amos.
They have been dating since then until this year when they decided to wed. Their wedding was scheduled for today in Bomet

Nelly’s ex boyfriend found out that she is walking down the isle, he called her and told her how life has been good

They met in Bomet last month, the man was driving a top of the range car, he looked happy. He was walking confidently ,his bedroom skills now top notch and his English polished.
After the meeting, he gave her a perfect tight hug, assured look and Ksh20,000 to do whatever she wants

Nelly got confused because her ex was doing well while Amos, who was to marry her today is struggling financially–he couldn’t even afford to finance his own wedding.
She wrote to the Pastor that she is not ready for the wedding because she still loves her ex.

The wedding was cancelled,
Nelly announced the cancelation to the committee’s Whatsapp group.
Amos is currently devastated , he has locked himself in his house.



This Lady seems very confused …
Very Confused … :joy: :grin:


Ni kama pastor anamdai. Anyway who does a wedding with a 23 year old. Kwanza ukae na mumama akizaa mfanye wedding akiwa na ball ya pili


Siwezi oa mtu anaongea kiswahili ivo

The wedding couldn’t happen “because of some letters…”
No flashy car, loaded ex or romantic fling detected. Not even an HB pencil sketch of 20k nestling in her purse…
She seems quite clueless about the thing that happened to her wedding


Could She be Bo-Polar …???

Herewith a useful Self-Test:blush:

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Seriously …
If I am the Guy …
It is Game Over … :rage:

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Ex boyfriend is also called Amos, boy child just dodged a bullet. Aingie SJ atoe hangover ya Nelly na lanye.


That’s why I will always fear women

Amos amesema hamtaki na arudishiwe pesa yake

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Huyu amekataa accountability,na since hii kitu imeenda viral,anatafuta njia ya kuficha monkey branching

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Chief ni mudomo utakuwa unatomba ama ni coomer. Kama kienyeji Iko Sawa speech tutavumilia.