a certain orangutan..

So this guy Jim Bonnie posted this on facebook:

I’d like to hear from people with good brains ONLY.

You all know prostitutes and what they do. This sector is dominated by people from a certain community but this is not what I wanted to say.

I wanted to say that prostitutes should be licensed to do their businesses and pay tax without harassment by kanjo (I hate using this Kikuyu word) and/or police.

Apart from a few rotten eggs who rob their clients (I’ve a friend who has been a victim and he’s reading this post), there are good and honest prostitutes.

They handle their clients with the kind of professionalism and courtesy that you won’t find in our public service.

The few good ones even ask/compel their customers to do a good job once they enter the room. They ask the client how best they want it. (I was told)

After serving the client, they ask him how he felt and if he’ll come back again. (a friend of mine, again, he’s reading this post, told me). I like this type.

And when their clients walk out of the room, they’d say “agaria kama uko na waret na chimu na ushuge hao vijana wasikupige geta”. (notice the accent and “finish with your head”).

Yet the western part of the country through Homabay, Siaya and Kisumu are the most affected with HIV with rates of 25.7% , 23.7% and 19.3% respectively.

Hii ukabila imetafutiwa mbali! Mpaka sasa ati mlanye kabila fulani are better than mlanye wa kabila ingine fulani. Hii nchi hatutawai songa mbele tukiwa na watu wanareason or rather hawareason hivi.


Niaje bingwa

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There has been an elaborate social media campaign to demonize people from a particular tribe…


napenda malaya sanaaaa

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NV!!! Wacha kunyambanyamba ovyo ovyo! Utapatwa na cancer ya matako sijui utalaumu nani, other pa kukaa ni palee------------>

Usituletee ukabila hapa

Potelea mbali na ukabila wako. Huyu apewe potty akalie.

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Malaya WA kunyonya pekee? Ni how much?

‘affected by’ surwa wewe

Anko, that is not in dispute!

You can’t mix necessary business with tribalism.

That fact has not escaped us, we of that certain tribe

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And you still think @wheelz was being a sissy.

  1. Sinyonyi boro
  2. Mastyro perekea mbimbi
  3. Ogeza mia nipige duru
  4. Sitobwi mkudu

I know of guys in rural areas who know that a okuyu or jaruo is their mortal enemy, woe unto you they step in a class. They would bring up theories on why a certain tribe is the reincarnation of evil. Guys like the original poster of this shit.

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“Good brains only”…
Then goes ahead to erase all doubt about his brain.