A case of show me your friends....


One if the comments there is “Which football was he watching at 02:00hrs?”

Hata hivyo Hessy anaitaji Tata ya @introvert.

@pamba ua mikora kabisa na risasi zikiisha ambia KRA waniogezeee tax kwa Paye yangu. Kudos for the well done job. Ningekuwa najua station yenye uko posted naeza waandika kreti moja ya balozi kila mwezi.

actually was thinking the same thing…he must have been hanging with the wrong click…Yes he might be innocent but his click was gangsta.

This is just runting. just opinions and crap by Hessy

You’re waiting for the police to admit their mistake? Even in the mighty US of A they try to protect themselves unless the evidence is damning. You can see the condescending attitude of Hessy in that and other posts, acting like they are always in the right na wao ni safi kama pamba.

You know you’re in a shithole country when unaeza ua mtu kama kuku and then the only explanation the police give is that you were in the company of thieves. Upuzi.

Another police vs public altercation happened again today in Malakisi, Bungoma.
Once the public decides they have had enough these confrontations will only keep escalating.

what happent? Was another policeman in a relationship with a resident’s wife?

Many people just yap around, as much as I fear innocent people being harassed by police. Many haven’t been in the ghetto to see how these kids turned gangstas.
Personally seen a boy very small boy, hang with wrong crowds and before we knew it, shot dead.
You feel sad and all but when you hear what these boys do and how the terrorize people, your opinion gets challenged.

No,this one was about the AP’s together with a chief raiding busaa dens even after they had ‘eaten’ protection money raia ikakasirika.

A case of wakikula hongo wazuie wengine wasije kusumbua, eh?

Really nigga. Why waste precious money on bullets? We should instead go back the old testament days of public stoning and hanging.

They shot and killed someone there.

Hio mbwa D- material inaitwa Hessy inajua wenzake walimess, ndio anaingisha angle ya Vinny hapo. As if any pistol was recovered from that Maina lad. Mbwa yeye.

In Greek gutiri muici na mucuthirireria. In English birds of a feather flock together

Hapa Kangemi niliona a 15 year old boy stuff a huge knife in his trousers halafu useme huyo mtu ni innocent hawa watu wakule risasi @pamba you did a good job kumaliza Carlito

Pamba ametumwa hiyo area !

If Maina was a successful and intelligent guy why didn’t he move away from the ghetto?