A Case for MGTOW

I have visited a construction site today. There is an army of workers at the site. I just counted one man making over 50 trips carrying a bucket full of sand to the concrete mixer - and I have been here for about one hour. These guys are modern day slaves and nobody can convince me otherwise. If you are going to do such back-breaking jobs just to have a family, I’d say it’s certainly not worth it. I am not a marriage maximalist, and I recognize that MGTOW has its grounds. If you are going to become a slave to wife and children, like these guys, I’d say its not worth it and MGTOW is the smarter option. MGTOW is a rational decision for peasants, IMO.

Marriage is a choice.

Damn!! I feel sorry for such guys, then you find most of them have kids and house wife waiting for him to bring home the fruits of his labor at the tail end of the day. For these guys it is better to stay away from serious relationship that leads to marriage and avoid getting kids at all cost.

It is a dumb choice for broke people who do back-breaking jobs like those mjengo guys. I like women and kids as much as anyone else. But there are some sacrifices I wouldnt advice a broke man to make just to have a family. I saw those men, working like donkeys, and I understood why MGTOW refer to marriage as a plantation…because it is for broke men. Remember, marriage is not a sure thing. It is a pity that people marry and have kids before having their shit together, inevitably becoming modern-day slaves. If you are going to have a family, which is great, at least make sure you don’t have to do back-breaking jobs to sustain it.

Badala kuambia wanaume wachannel io energy kwa hustle zengine better unawaambia wasioe, hawatasaidika.

Ile energy watu huweka kwa mjengo…wakirudi ocha waeke same energy kuchimba dam na kulima ardhi wapate mali watasaidika.

Hata wakifanya mjengo lakini bila family wataweza kujikomboa kutoka umasikini by saving. Shida ni kufanya mjengo na kulea familia. Hiyo ni automatic rat race. Kumbuka kuna wengi hawana shamba ocha. Shida sio mjengo, shida ni kufanya mjengo many years simply juu unalea which is nonsense.

ukiangalia mjengo ile siku ya kuweka slab…unaona human mind inaweza kuwa programmed. Ao watu hufanya kazi kama machines, bila mistakes, bila kuwaste time, teamwork… If only wanaeza endelea ivo kwa mambo zote za life, wanaeza enda far.

Kufa na diabetes polepole bila kusumnua drinking your minute maid on your high pedestals

If you are going to become a slave to wife and children, like these guys, I’d say its not worth it and MGTOW is the smarter option.

No one wishes for hardships in life. We are all striving for the best. We want a good life. The men you saw, not all of them have a family. Some of them are certainly ‘woke’ and are slaving themselves to earn a living. They all want to be mbirrionnaires in future. Maisha ya Mwanaume haijawahi kuwa rahisi. With or without a family. Lazima tukazane

I know some of them don’t have families. Obviously, those aren’t the men I am referring to in this thread.
Secondly, starting a family in such circumstances IS technically wishing for hardships ni life.

Use a condom

Very true. Its not in Kenya only, find time watch poverty in asian countries…e.g Nepal, bangladesh…Men are slaving themeselves like shiet!! Just to provide for their wives and ten kids.

Wacha usabasi, pambana na hali yako. Kama hauezi geuza maisha ya watu directly or indirectly,endelea kukula tembe zako za pressure kama njugu polepole…many start families with hopes that things will be better days to come,additionally starting a family also requires timing…do it when you are able physically. Hii dunia haitakua sawa vile unafikiria.

But that’s the irony of life a billionaire has 0 to 3 kids .Some broke guy with as little as 1k to 10k income has 8 kids

…but remember also that in African society, any man that dies without a family is buried like a dog, regardless of how wealthy you are! I insist that men should get married!

I recognise that this is your opinion. However, it begs the question, what made/makes you conclude they are breaking their backs in order to have a family?
Have you stopped to consider, that some of them are indeed breaking their backs because they have mouths to feed? And that mjengo was that one opening they could get, since they would bot flourish at doing a business?

Again, no man will let his children go hungry. They will do whatever it takes to feed, clothe, shelter and educate them.

And errrr, don’t you mean option, instead of decision?

Regardless, huwezi pangia mtu maisha na ideals na your viewpoint. Their experiences, exposure and values will ultimately be the deciding factor. Si hata street families keep having children? Na wanasurvive.

That was many years ago. Shaming won’t work any more. Nowadays men are waking up.

You don’t need to get buried with all that bullshit. Cremation option exists, furthermore, you are saving a lot of resources.

Mimi naona MGTOW wako na point juu kama Michael Jordan na Johnny Depp wanasumbuliwa na wanawake, wewe ni nani?

Lakini bado ntanang’ana tu. A man must reproduce. Hiyo instinct huwezi resist forever.

Now people, don’t complicate life. Huyu jamaa, whether he has a family or not, atakuwa anafanya hiyo hiyo kazi. Nyinyi mnaassume ati kama sio familia angejipanga vingine. What if badala ya kujijenga he probably would have wasted that money akufe na AIDS?

On the other hand, how many birrionairs kwa hii dunia umeskia walipata motivatiin after seeing how their father worked? Karibu wote.

So the father laid the foundation for wealth on the kid. Na kama amezaa mapema, he may just enjoy his older years because of the kids.

Once you die your body will not be different from that log of wood.Vile maiti yako itafanywa isikusumbue sana