A Case for God

I would like anyone who believes that God doesn’t exist ponder these few issues.
What could have been so perfect as to make a fully functional human with no imperfections ie the biology and the chemistry that makes a human body, each organ working in sync with each other and never in conflict. How could a random occurrence as BigBang create such a perfect being?

What coincidence could make a tree emit oxygen that’s needed by man and take in Carbon dioxide from man?
Such examples,and they’re many proves without doubt the existence of a living higher being … which is the God whom we Christians correctly worship.

YOU ARE delusional. Binadamu is perfect na ukishikwa na virus ya tb unakua hopeless kama silly? Uko perfect na huwezi kaa under water for more than 3 minutes without help?

The best evidence is the duality of existence, such as the uniqueness of a single thing that is abundant in nature, but each iteration has its own distinctive attributes.

Sa ju ya io story tusafishe metho na Kang’ura yako special.

Human body and how it fuctions all point to intelligent design .If a bonobo were to create a human being we would have one kidney ,one lung and no nerve endings in the genitalia.Sex would never be sweet and the human race would be extinct in less than a century.

Human body is not perfect. Natural deaths are a testament to this. Perfection would mean no mental/physical deterioration. Complex and intricate, i’d agree but perfection no. Many people may see this as evidence of intelligent design or a divine creator. However, the processes of evolution and natural selection provide a scientific explanation for the development of life on Earth. Your argument is full of fallacies- confirmation bias. It sounds like you are in doubt

The deterioration of the body due to age is by design. Can you explain how a man got 2 kidneys or lungs from time immemorial? You would expect natural selection or evolution to change chemical/biological composition of the human body such that we could now be having 3 or 1 kidneys after millions of years of evolution?

Or evolution could only be able to alter walking posture from 4 limbs to 2?

Oh my, I’m not sure if you’re trolling or you’re just a dimwit. I encourage you to read a lot more[SIZE=1] [/SIZE]before engaging in arguments. More so of things you don’t understand. It’s pointless and a waste of time arguing with an ignorant and misinformed person. You can’t even understand how dumb it is to jump to conclusions with insufficient evidence, which is hasty generalization. It’s similar to discovering a fish 200 kilometres inland, high up on a mountain. Rather than taking the time to investigate how it got there and considering other possible explanations, jumping to the conclusion that god was responsible would be premature and unfounded." Your need to protect your ego by making things fit your narrative is sickening. I’m even sure you won’t take the time to read and digest this.

Stop engaging in mental gymnastics and disprove my statement or else find something else to keep you excited

HE made us in HIS own Image …
But not the same as HIM …
From dust we came and to dust we shall return …

But different from all HIS other Creations …
HE put his “Spirit” in us so that we could connect with HIM …

That is why , despite all our transgressions…
HE gave us HIS only Begotten Son…
So that we might ultimately enjoy an eternal existence with HIM …

I am never controlled by a clit!
300000000 reason God gave female monthly redsea … Cz wanamsahau kwa haraka unless theres pain.

The other evidence is that all animal families share a common design blueprint. Kama mammals we all have similar internal body organs. Mbona tusiwe na other animals that have evolved over the billions of years to develop say 3 hearts located in say the head? All this points to a single intelligent designer who just tweaked the iterations to give us the gazillion different species

How does this prove the Christian God and not the Hindu God?

Hindus worship various idols and animals …
Can you even begin to compare them to the Creator…???

At least hindu gods ain’t imaginary. They are physical and practical. So, not only can Hindus argue that there’s God but they can also present and demonstrate some form of evidence. Sasa huyu mungu mwingine ambaye ni invisible na anakaa huko outer space nayeye sio a star ama any other astronomical body…!!!

According to me, God exists. The only issue is trying to reconcile the happenings today to the all-powerful, all-knowing God. We default to Epicurus’ view …

[SIZE=7]“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

― Epicurus

Okay then what about Zeus from Greek mythology? Is that one a big enough god to compare to Yahweh?

A Cow Created You …??? :D:p

GOD is Spiritual being …

In order to see HIS face , you must first die …
( …the burning bush and the fellow who saw his backside in the Old Testament are the few exceptions to the rule …)

HE can manifest Himself thru other Means , Beings or Objects as HE pleases …:D:p

You forgot another exception to your rule- Jacob wrestled with God and saw his face. Genesis 32:30
[30]So Jacob named the place Peniel, for he said, “I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved.”

I could also argue Zeus is a spiritual being who to see you must first die. In fact, early Christians were accused of atheism by the Romans who were puzzled that the Christians denied the very obvious existence of Zeus and the gods of Greece. The secretive Christians were instead said to believe in a “mischievous superstition”. I.e their leader, Jesus, coming back from the dead!

The correct account …:D:D

Jacob, son of Isaac and brother of Esau, wrestled with an angel all through one night on the bank of the Jabbok.
Neither won, and the struggle ended after Jacob insisted:
“I will not let thee go, unless thou bless me.”

The Biblical text speaks of a fight with a man , but in the visual arts he is always represented as an angel…