A businessman loses Sh 1 Million to gold fraudsters led by a Kalenjin – They sold him crushed padlocks disguised as gold.

Always report when you ID is lost or stolen. Get a police abstract and avoid grief later.

Saturday, 29 January 2022 – The get-rich-quick schemes by a section of Kenyans appear to have gone a notch higher after two suspects were arrested with crushed padlocks disguised as gold.

Rogers Kipkogei and Collins Chavera, posing as agents of a Congo-based gold baron, obtained over Sh1 million from a gold investor, after showing him dust from crushed padlocks.

The victim who fell for the trick deposited the money to different Mpesa accounts, given to him by the suspects.

In what detectives believe to be a well-choreographed syndicate, hundreds of SIM cards from local mobile telecommunications networks and stolen identification cards from Kenyans were recovered from the suspects’ hideout in Uthiru, Kiambu County.

Detectives believe the suspects use the personal information from the identification documents, to register the SIM cards used to steal money from Kenyans through mobile money transactions.

The duo was arraigned in court on Friday and custodial orders were granted to enable detectives to complete investigations into the modus operandi syndicate.

By DCI. https://kenyan-post.com/2022/01/a-businessman-loses-sh-1-million-to-gold-fraudsters-led-by-a-kalenjin-they-sold-him-crushed-padlocks-disguised-as-gold/

:D:D:D crushed padlock zile za tri circle…

When inspecting Gold, always carry Sulphuric acid with you.

Buck toothed kalenjinga must have been inspired by top UDA officials like Rashid Achesa. Hustling to the top is the motto.

Akina johntez msafi hao.