a broke goverment

dead broke mpaka they want powers to amend VAT without parliament approval or public participation.

Bread, motorcycles, imported jewelry, betting, etc prepare yourselves , mukwaju waja.

Disposable plastic syringes and others with or without needles will also attract the 16 per cent VAT after being dropped from the list of exempted products.
Other human or animal substances prepared for therapeutic or prophylactic uses will also attract the 16 per cent VAT. Antisera and other blood fractions and modified immunological products, whether or not obtained by means of biotechnological processes, will also now be costlier by at least 16 per cen


Tano tena and this is rehearsal I pray arap mashake akue president ,we will pay vat to have sex

but the good thing is that they will tax boda boda more, the rest guys will be squeezed.

Watu wa kuekelea bet mtalipa 20% on the amount wagered kwa hivyo itabidi you look for other money generating vices.

Desperation iko juu and still idiots think Ruto is the solution. Like why doesn’t he speak up when such policies are proposed or when fuel prices go up?

Government is hiking prices on everything.
Ruto is in Government.
He is on record saying he won’t resign.

Further, I believe he is a beneficiary of such policies.

If this small machines creating jobs for millions of jobless youths are taxed ,the rich will know no peace ,hatutalala tukiibiwa na kunyongwa