A bit of Poetry

Amidst the Darkness

Sitting amidst the darkness

My mind wonders hither and thither

In this dark, silent opaqueness

On my bed, alone, tethered

Void, contemplating nothingness

Thoughts, haunting me, I’m restless

Not a whiff of sleepiness

The dread presence of sombreness

Woe unto me, in this loneliness

Woe unto me, in this darkness

While the rest drift to slumber

Awake alone I ponder

My sleep and dreams yonder

No sleep for me I wonder

Morning just around the corner

This darkness will soon be torn asunder

All will be out to have a gander

At the new beautiful day

While I, sit here in dismay

Cause sleep wouldn’t come my way

Amidst this dreadful darkness in display[/CENTER]