A bit of Poetry

Excuse Me, my Conscious Speaking

Today I choose to get out, go to my friends,

To share a word or two

I convinced myself I was cool

“This is something I could do”

“I’m not a fool”

“I’m just not that cool”

So, out and about

Here I go

I reached their

There they are

Taking in the air

My heartbeat now higher


I might say something stupid

And look like a fool

So, I listened as they talked

To have the right response

They talked for a while

Still no clue

No words to respond

The silence set in

Without a word from me

Tension crept in


My faith in me

Then, out I muttered a word

But none respond

Then I felt something

My conscious wondering

“They think I’m a fool”

Another friend came

Another conversation made

This time I listened carefully

Waiting for the right moment to cheap in

The right moment my idea to pitch in

The right moment to share my thoughts too

The right moment to say a word or two

I listened closely

Not to talk loosely

The talk went for a while

Still nothing to say

Tension set in

Pressure to cheap in

“Say something!”

“Don’t look like a fool!!”

The moment then came

Again it happened the same

I felt the previous shame

Said something stupid

“Now they think I’m a fool”

My mouth is now shut

My mind in deep thoughts

“This people don’t think I’m cool”

“They think I’m a fool”

There and then

I cede, out not to let a word

Until that day

When I’m ready and able

To voice

A point edible and sensible

Until then

I’ll stick to my pen

A bit if not for a while

With it, I can’t lie

With it, my thoughts can’t pry

It’s back to the drawing lines

This round I must make it right

Make it rhyme

Until its fine like wine

More than a dime

Talk out loud

Be that profound

Be that proud

Of my words no doubt


Schupit NV


I like it…
not sure if the grammatical errors are on purpose though

Well, if you didn’t read, why bother letting me know, constructive criticism would have been better for a Village Elder

Don’t worry, keep it up. Who knows, one day you may win a Nobel Prize in Literature…
Just like musician Bob Dylan!