A bar attendant charged with manslaughter release on 700,000

She has been released on a sh700,000 bond with surety. Does this mean I can kill someone and pay only kitu 700,000http://nairobinews.nation.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/WhatsApp-Image-2016-08-02-at-13.09.53.jpg

Calypso… I release you from your human bonds.

Savvy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hehe. Aye aye.

I am not free. “I will be free, and when I am I would give you my heart. And, we would be together, always. If only you had a heart to give.

Kwani what does ‘bond with surety’ mean to you?

Surety – A person who undertakes to ensure that an accused person will appear in court and abide by bail conditions. The surety puts up security, such as money or title to a property, which can be forfeited to the court if the accused person fails to appear in court.

The Katiba you and I passed overwhelmingly , guarantees bail for murder suspects so long as they meet conditions of the court…Hukuisoma aisee ?


That is the law of the land as it is today. Unfortunately, if you think that it is a license for you to kill, bear in mind that the suspect above is not really free and also that different judges could use their discretionary powers and deny you the conditions they granted her.

What if u dissapear n fail to appear in court… What are the chances of being caught by our funny govt

Ofcourse you can disappear; and with it your money (hoping that the cash was all yours) and surety (which will depend on what it is).
But you better disappear for life, juu Number one, your photo and fingerprint records will never disappear; never ever. That means no banks, no registered phones, total blackout of government services, just to make sure CID never get even a whiff… Otherwise one wrong move and you are back in it; minus 700k + surety

:(Thanks, too complicated… Ill just find a body n a death certificate

Where do you expect a barmaid to get 700k? She is in Langata eating semi cooked beans.

According to you we going the American and West Europe way. But I have my doubt on our system. may people have survived, especially when they have cash. Don’t live in illusion and fear, though not justified to do wrong.

When you are on the running, and probably broke, that’s when you realize there is no where to hide.