9th August {Battle of Pharsalus}

The battle of Pharsalus was fought on the 9th August near Pharsalus in central Greek by Julius Caesar and his allies against the Roman Republic army commanded by Pompey who had the backing of majority of the roman senators.

According to Julius Caesar his own legions numbered 20,000/- distributed through 8 legions and about 1,000 Germanic and Gallic cavalry, most of whom were stretched thin by the the loss at Dyrrhachyam as well as Caesars rapid march.

Pompey’s strength is disputed with some claiming a ceiling of 44,000 and a low of 36,000, either number suggests an undue advantage on Pompey’s armies.
He took advantage of this and sought to wait for Caesar’s army to exhaust itself on the march.

Regardless of the superior army Pompey was resoundingly defeated forcing him and his war council to flee to his allies in Egypt, when Caesar learnt of this he gave pursuit but never managed to put a blade through Pompey. He later chose to pardon the surrendering officers and welcomed them graciously some of whom transversed through the marsh to seek pardon.

This is a prelude to Feudal lords of Kenya battle at the IEBC.

Question remains who is the Caesar in our British outpost.

Ruto Vs Ojinga