99% of big funders pause funding to UNWRA after allegations that members participated in Oct 7th massacre

  1. USA - Biggest funder.
  2. Germany
  3. Italy
  4. Finland
  5. Australia
  6. UK
  7. Canada
  8. Sweden
  9. Netherlands
  10. Switzerland

Mambo imechemka. Was it worth it? @hakimoto @rexxsimba


What happened to “south Africa chased like a mburukenge thread”

The common denominator in all these problems is Hamas and Iran.

Hamas , an Iran sponsored terrorist organization has successfully transplanted the Palestine Peoples Authority in Gaza and taken over the Nation.

They kill anyone who opposes them , hold no elections and have an extremist Shia Jihadist grip on all leadership.

Israel , undrstandably , will not negotiate peace with terrorists whose single goal is to eliminate the State of Israel.

In order for a genuine peace to happen :-

  • Hamas must be completely uprooted from Gaza.
  • the legitimate representative of Gaza , the PPA , must be re-instated back to power and organize free and fair elections on a regular basis.
  • Israel must cease hostilities and end the isolation of Gaza .

I dont see that happening any time soon

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Israel should just flatten Iran once and for all

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Iran is the home of some of the largest empires in history. It’s not going anywhere


Flattening failed States like IRAN , SYRIA and YEMEN always produces worse problems …
Remember Yugoslavia , Libya , Lebanon and Afghanistan … ???

The solution is just a regime change by removing the worst apples in the barrel …

Surgical Assassinations are quick and very cost effective

Those who come after them think twice before trying anything foolish …
I SAID IT … :joy: :rofl:

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@Aka_mpole :joy:
If these guys withhold funding to the UN , it is Game over … :rofl: :blush: :joy:

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Hamas has nowhere to hide, they have been exposed badly :joy: