92million at treasury

Did the incoming government peddle the ninety something millions only at treasury jaba story to minimise huslers hopes or it was for real?
Let’s put it to a vote after all talkers smoke through everything to differentiate trash from truth.
Liberte ,egalite , actualite .
We have smart politicians who learnt that peasants and foolish hustlers buy gossips into truths .
A professional lier makes the lies sound true.

Walitoa wapi pesa ya inauguration?

Maybe they want to make us think they payed the bills from their own savings as hustlers

JSKS walipata 6 Billion wakaiba 5b na ya macho wakasema ni Wanjohi


Inauguration is planned by the outgoing government.

Tax collection is a continuing process. As is government spending.

“…We are profiling you and we are marking you. Wakati ikifika tutawashugulikia.”

“Sisi sio wale wa kung’oa reli na kukula teargas. You know us very well…”

What can you possibly expect of people who make such utterances, and who are now in power?

Watu wanatoa vitisho namna hio kabla wachukue serikali, ni yapi watatenda sasa vile wako na mamlaka?

@Berlin Oxford @sani @Kalenjin101 leteni maoni ya wheelbarrow.

Different forest
Same bonobos.

oh yes it’s preparation for what scoming

Bullsheet,sensational bonobo fodder

But Yattani spoke today infront of all the senators and said that that was the truth but still insisted that it doesn’t mean that the government is broke.