919 men in 12hrs

Women have threshold.Coudn’t believe till I saw it,Lisa sparks was f****d by 919 men in 12hrs.

not more than 100 strokes per man from that shitty video.

919x100=91,900 ~~92,000 strokes

a single guy,healthy enough can achieve that considering it happened in 12hrs.add other factors like length,girth etc and you find its just a hype.

also,according to science,its all in her head when bouts of dopamine,oxytocin are caused to be released. Nothing to suggest it was released.

akanyal krik

40 Seconds each

Opusss. Unless the video is 12 hrs of pure unedited raw materials then it’s opuss.

Small head. Assuming its 2 strokes per second it will take your healthy man around 13 hours of non-stop sex. Now check for how long an average healthy man can keep an erection while hungry and with the same annoying pussy you woke up to.

big head.bottom line.its just the hype


Theres was a clip a while ago not sure if ni that Lisa but ilikua gang bang ka hio , boyfriend ya manzi ako tuu hapo ana watch , then after all mijamaa zimemaliza ,her boy friend akawa wa mwisho kuchapa vitu then wakaoana.

The funny thing is that she’s now married.Can’t imagine