911 call: Kevin's Samuel's High Value Prostitute didn't even know where they were

Shida za kupatronize women who do not have a brain so that they can worship you she was asked where they are, she doesn’t know the address, she was asked is it a house or an apartment and she said she doesn’t know like what kind of a person is this, she was even afraid to touch him all she wanted was him not to die on her hands, ati he’s Kevin ferking Samuels, sasa do medics care who he is, he’s just like any other person who needs medical help. Yaani Sema vifo za aibu. She didn’t know CPR, she did not even know what address they were at. Sasa the difference of dying next to cats and this woman is what? I can’t imagine a man worshipped by so many men dying like this. No family. No friends. Nobody who loves you. Just someone who doesn’t even know where the ferk you are. How’s that for high value? Hii dunia sio ya mtu. Think twice about this people who you are following so hungrily. The Bible says it very well, by their fruits, not their suits, you shall know them, never take advice from someone whose life you don’t want to be like. Do you want your only child to say that you were a terrible father and they even wanted to commit suicide because of you, do you want to end up divorced twice, to die on top of a woman who doesn’t even know your address? Then don’t listen to Kevin Samuels. I told you the same thing about Peterson Jones the professor. If he had life so figured out why does he have a problem with his own mental health and he’s a professor of psychology, what sense does that make? None! Would you go to a doctor who looks sickly or a beautician with a face full of pimples? THINK. Those people don’t have a better brain than the one God gave you.

Famous Last Words a misogynist needs to hear on his death bed: THINK ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER, THINK ABOUT YOUR MOTHER.

Life is so ironic.


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In the US, unless you have been to a home several times and physically crummed the location like taking an exam, you may not know the physical address. I have close relatives whose addresses I do not know and have yet been to their homes several times. Also, if you live in a uptown area, you may not tell if the house is a home or apartment. Think of “uptown” like a Valley Arcade with a maze of apartments and townhouses. A townhouse is similar to a home, in fact many consider them homes. So the lady could be confused, if it’s a home or apartment. CPR is something you have to be continuously trained in. I was trained by my job on CPR. It was done biannually. We trained on mummies. Of course you start to lose memory with time. Believe it or not, many medics do not know CPR. Even Micheal Jackson’s Cardiologist, did not know CPR.

I think it’s pretty clear what an apartment is. A townhouse is not an apartment. All in all I would not want to die with a stranger bcz if this woman knew anything about Kevin she’d not be telling him to think about his mother and his daughter who he was estranged from so that it could give him the will to live. I just don’t understand what kind of a person has one parent and only one child and they are estranged from both. If I was dating someone who is estranged from their family like that I would not take chances. That is a very bad sign if not the worst. I have dated people who have had terrible parents and they still maintain a relationship with them. To me family is everything, if you can’t vumilia your family, how about me who is not your blood? People have grown kids in their 50s even who are junkies and they are nganganaring with them, his daughter sounds like a decent person. Why didn’t he try to make amends with her. That man had no soul, he done sold his soul to the devil. Your blood is everything you can’t be enemies with both your parents and your kids unless something is wrong with you.

A townhouse is a type of apartment. They even fall under the same city codes and regulations. Which is different from homes. But if you are using the Kenyan understanding, they are different. Daughter may sound decent on social media, but behind the scenes she maybe was difficult with him. Remember I don’t agree ( or understand)with most what Kevin Samuels preached, but he made some valid points.
Also remember in the west, even in a genuine relationship, you can meet someone once and jump in a relationship with them. Next meeting is at his/her home. People don’t have time for those old school chasing. So ata a man may not know the address when he’s at a woman’s house. And the Bible, Jesus said don’t despise a woman coz she’s a prostitute. So dying with a prostitute is a shame in as much as a fallacy.

:smiley: where did Jesus say don’t despise a woman because she’s a prostitute?

The shame with prostitutes is that you have to pay them to be with you. You have paid someone for their company and sex then you end up dying on them. It’s a very sad picture. You know how I feel about buying people to marry you by getting them a green card or have sex with you. It’s a sign that you are desperate or pathetic or both. But that’s just me, my problem is that I have standards most people don’t which makes me appear outlandish.

You are more judgmental than God. Read John 8:3-11. King James Version.

That wasn’t a prostitute

Feminists wa kwende. Kevin Samuels was the it. He addressed so many issues applicable in Kenya including single motherhood and success. He was not perfect but his message was on point to tackle 2022 feminists and black homes issues

Luke 7:30-40

Which issue can he adress? He should have just addressed his own life first. His relationship with his mom and his daughter. Charity begins at home. You can not claim that you are helping the world and your own life is in shambles. Endeni mumzike sasa he has no family and probably no real friends offline. He was an agent of Satan sent to destroy black men further and Satan did him how he does his servants, anakuabisha na kifo cha aibu and then you go burn in hell for eternity. He died alone with a prostitute who all she cares about was that he does not die on her hands.

You gotta be delusional to talk about single mothers when you yourself are a two time divorcee. Your only child wants to kill herself because you were an abusive and absent father. His own issues needed addressing asiwadanganye that he was helping you. All he was after stupid, broke, busted and frustrated men to make him money. Na nyinyi wajinga munamfuata tuu. How can you take advice from someone whose life is in shambles.

Can he change the fact that in America 72% single mother families? Sio saa hii imeanza imekuwa tuu ikiendelea tangu. Black women now have decided to be successful for the good of their kids and to keep off toxic black men. My dear you haven’t seen the half of it. Women at 25 are becoming mothers without even having sex with these black men bcz they’re pathetic. You should not be having a PhD and money and then you are forced to marry a very lazy, poor, abusive and useless man. No way. You get your kids. You give them a good stress free life. Period. His daughter is suicidal because he was in her life. If her mother had never let her have any access to a toxic dad she’d be very much OK.

So there’s nothing you can do. Black women have put up with alot of crap for eons. Now they’re saying enough is enough and you can not blackmail us to put up with alot of crap from men bcz we want children and a progeny. Science is there for us, kwanza tuna zalia wazungu. We have to get the best genes of the most superior male that is the white man. And black women are doing this now in their 20s. So hamna bahati. In Kenya niliskia its getting to 60% single mother. Mulidharau wanawake, mukawadhalilisha, now they’re decided to go it without you ndio munashinda mukipiga kelele. Sisi we are becoming more financially independent. So when women have money they have choices. They can afford to have choices unlike their predecessors.

Let me tell you. I know men in their 50s with no kids and women too. Wale wanaumia ni wanaume. Women know how to build community. Women have more persevering spirit. Women are more positive in life no matter the circumstances. Even those men who have kids but separated from the wives or baby mommas the kids will always be loyal and be attached to their mothers. He was a perfect example he’s 50 Hana family juu he divorced, Hana relationship na mamake, Hana relationship with his daughter, anakufa na Malaya bcz that’s the only people who he has in his life, people who are with him bcz he will pay them.

Remember one thing, this world, every man who alikuwa anasumbua, it’s women who finished him. Samson. John the Baptist. Solomon. So you can not fight with women. The same women who carried you for 9 months, breastfeed you, potty trained you, fed you, bathed you etc. You can’t. He is the ultimate example of what happens to those who try. Mfuateni. You will reap what he reaped. A pathetic life devoid of love of a family , just fake people who want you for your money. He tackled nothing. In the end It’s him who was tackled.

You have lost your power over us, it used to be your money, we have our own money now, it used to be children, we can get children with the white man without any interaction with a man. That’s why yall are so desperate tryna catch the naive women before they wake up to your bullshit.

She was an adulterous woman not a prostitute

what is the difference?