9 Places to touch ur man..

Relaxing is the most important
step of arousal. Hence, much
before you jump start to the action
in the bedroom, indulge in little
play to boost your man’s ‘drive’. A
little foreplay can do wonders
between the sheets. Try the
following tricks on your man and
you won’t be disappointed.
#1. It is all on his face
As per Chinese medicine, yang is a
kind of male energy that has been
associated with male sxual drive
for years and to top it all, male
face is the ground for most of the
yang channels. You got it right! Try
and relax your partner’s mood by
running your fingers gently over
his face. Start from gently pressing
his temple to relieve his pressure
and then gently go down to his
cheek and then lips. You will see a
marked difference in his mood
#2. Soothe the neckline
Neck is the next region to explore.
Neck region that holds thyroid
gland is believed to get stimulated
upon gentle caresses, which is
responsible for body’s metabolism,
including his s
xual drive. Start
the action with a feather and
arrange a flirtatious arrest of his
Adam’s apple with your hands in a
circular motion. After a while,
switch the action with your lips!
#3. Play it along his ears
Ear lobe is a zone that has
numerous nerve endings, so every
time you touch his ear lobe, he
will go crazy. Use imaginative ways
to entice his senses by using your
tongue, teeth or simply play with
your fingers.
#4. Magic touch for his hands
Though his palm can seem a bit
rough to work under your gentle
strokes, still this trick is quite
effective to complete the business.
Circle your fingers starting from
the outer edge of his palm, slowly
progressing towards the centre.
Gently press the webs with your
thumb and forefinger to ease his
tension and see him go crazy.
#5. Route through the spine
His lower back can be a good route
to arousal. Move and rub your
fingers on the region just above
the hip bone. This will generate
heat, warm his skin and relax him.
Now go gently towards the spine
above while exerting the pressure.
You can also entice his senses by
tickling him very sensually with
your hair.
#6. Behind his knees
The region behind his knees is very
delicate and has many nerves to
stimulate his senses. This sensitive
volatile spot can be explored to
drive him into pleasure villa.
Scratch gently behind his knees to
generate heat and ticklish
#7. Bellybutton urges
His navel is an exciting spot to
explore his urges. Start by making
circles around the navel and then
go towards the outer edge. But do
remember, the amount of pressure
has to remain consistent or the
entire process can turn completely
laughable. You can use a feather
or maybe an ice cube to heighten
his pleasure.
#8. Bottoms high
Soles of his feet are another tried
and tested region. However,
precaution should be taken while
exercising the pressure or you will
send him to one of his laughing
sprees, which is something that is
not going to get him into the
mood. So, move your fingers gently
like a rhythm.
#9. Caress the tresses
His hair is as important as the rest
of his body. Run your fingers
through his hair, very gently and
sensually. Play with his locks,
moving your fingers up and down
his neck and ears. This would
definitely prepare him for
everything you have on your mind.
So, wives, use these steps to
heighten your bedroom experience
and to send your man’s spirits