8B Kenya Shillings Coin

If the cost of each scanner is Kshs. 75B and we paid Kshs. 235M, then I say we got a bargain![ATTACH=full]169797[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]169826[/ATTACH]

:D:D:D:D:D:D maybe they meant 75m. Utaambiwa hiyo 235M includes maintenance and other bullshit we don’t know of.

Does it scan to pdf?:smiley:

I have attached a .jpg
@admin kwani pdf haifanyi hapa?


It means the value of each scanner is overpriced by sh.235m. Total for 37 scanners is 8billion. Kama hamjui hesabu bebeni grains (mbembe) za kuhesabu mkisoma gazeti

Kenya pesa otas mlisahao we bought a pen for over 20k waiguru saga na saa ii ni governor mzima let them spend they raise their pension money to over 700 percent na wewe mwenye huna pension hata ya Bob…

the government is a giant dick and the common citizens’ lives have been turned into a pussy

if you read the body of the story, you will notice that the writer says that the price for each scanner has been inflated by 30%, when i did my math, i realized then that it should be 97M. So my guess is that the writer pulled the figure of 235M out of his ass.


Tulia, will be back after I do my maths